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    Do what have you lot been playing recently?

    I have had a bit of a hiatus from roleplaying (I am just getting back to it with some DnD 5e stuff – coming soon to the new site) and I have been playing a lot of card and board games recently. Kind of addicted to the Arkham Horror Card Game at the moment. It has enough to sake my character building urges without requiring too much planning and set up. Very swish 🙂

    What about the rest of you?



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    Currently on a minor Hiatus as well. Busy summers and what not. Current plans on what I’m prepping to run are:

    Trails of Cthulhu: Arkham Detective Tales – I’ve been wanting a little break and pallet cleanser from Pathfinder and Heather has been wanting Cthulhu-ish stuff, so I though I might try this either in full or part as a way to do that.
    Pathfinder: Jade Regent (Solo) – It seems that due to busyness and distance and most importantly just the long gaps between play that already plagued it, I don’t believe I’ll get to the end of the started Jade Regent group. However listening to Sugar-Fueled Kingmaker Solo has inspired me to restart this with Heather as a modified solo player game and she is very excited about it.

    The Pathfinder 2nd Ed playtest will be dropping soon, I may take a look at that and run some folks through it, but I’m feeling quite invested and satisfied with Pathfinder 1st Ed and probably won’t be transitioning with it. And regarding Pathfinder 1st Ed, I many AP and modules I need to run so that will be on my roster for a long time yet I think.


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    As the defacto GM in the Atomic Adventurers (yes, I continue to insist our gaming group has a name even though we’ve never officially done anything) I’m still fully enamoured with 5th edition so that’s been the bulk of our gaming for the last while. We were doing a lot of the published adventures but eventually I bit the bullet and started up a homebrewed campaign I’ve had kicking around in my head for about 2 decades and I’m sure I’ve talked about here before.

    That’s been going well. I’m thinking of starting a couple threads on here based on it to discuss some issues that have come up – not really looking for solutions, per se, but some of my favourite threads in the old days were “I’m a GM and X has happened” so why not get those rolling again?

    I am not as invested in Pathfinder 1 or 2 but when the playtest comes out I’ll definitely give it a look. Some of the stuff I was reading about it sounds interesting, if nothing else, and I want to see how it’s been implemented. Not planning to convert the campaign to it, even if it’s awesome.

    I got to be a player a couple of times during the site’s dark period. That was fun. Turns out being a GM every week for years has made me a bit of an overbearing player, though, so that’s something I need to work on. I kinda stole the spotlight in a lot of scenes. In the DnD game I felt really bad when it happened but no one else would engage with the plot, including the guy who the plot was about, so I was honestly trying to drag them along with me and it just didn’t work. The Werewolf game I was even worse but I don’t feel bad about it at all because that was the whole point of the character. I’ll probably do threads or maybe some more blog posts about those experiences.

    And lastly, about other games, we’ve been trying to do a weekly tabletop night at someone’s house. We play either boardgames or Magic, usually the Commander format. I look forward to those nights a lot because, unlike roleplaying night, you get to talk and hang out a lot more and, since we roleplay online, it’s nice to actually sit down in the same room as your friends for a game. We play a lot of different board games, too many to mention right now, but I’ll probably also make a rant thread about Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate in the future.


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    Oh, so many.

    Running Kingmaker Solo and Curse of the Crimson Throne for DnD (supposed to be 2 of the best Adventure Paths, and I agree).

    Running a Masks of Nyarlathotep Call of Cthulhu campaign sporadically (Masks has a reputation as the best pre-written campaign ever. I don’t know if I’d go quite that far, but it’s pretty darn good). Playing once a month, this has been going for… good grief, going on 4 years.

    Also playing in a Star Wars FFG game with a new group. The system gets no love from me whatsoever – needlessly complicated, too many dice, bizarre results – but the actual game is good solid fun.

    The Pathfinder 2nd Ed playtest is on the horizon, and in my potentials list are DnD Skull and Shackles (the pirate themed AP), Horror on the Orient Express (another classic Call of Cthulhu campaign), and some Mutants and Masterminds (super hero gaming), if I can find folk interested in them.

    On the board game from, we’ve been playing a lot of Unfair, a build-your-own-theme-park card game, which we think is the finest game to come our way in some time.


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    I’ve GMd a few games of Rogue Trader, though not in about 9 months due to Real Life(tm). It will hopefully resume soon, but Im getting an itch to play some D&D as well. Unfortunately, my group has motivational problems when it comes to rpgs that don’t have an easy fix.

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