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    016 – No hammer? Well pick up your copy of the WLD and use it to knock nails into wood and even harder things such as brick wall.

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    017 – Cat Squisher

    My cat attempted to perch upon said book whilst it (WLD) was precariously teetering on the edge of a table. SPLAT!

    Epilogue – both cat and book survived the encounter, with minor nicks and dents resulting.

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    018 – With a lot of patience, a very sharp craft knife, some paper glue and a very steady hand you could build a scale model of the dungeon itself using the dungeon itself…

    As an additional challenge you could limit yourself to only using the paper from the actual region to build that region.. or from the encounter for even more pointless time-wasting…

    “and here we have the room in which Bragdar lives.. if you look very carefully in the north-east corner of the room you will see his stat block holding up the east edge of the ceiling!!”

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    091 – Got a very wobbly chair or table? Got a copy of AEG’s Worlds Largest Dungeon? Well you’ve got a solution! Just place the WLD book under the wobbly chair/table – if the book is too thick just rip out pages till the wobble is sorted.

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    From 018 to 091? You cheater! 😛



    And after the blow… the Otyugh saw it’s chance and coup-de-graced Cyricist!


    No Otyughs were harmed during the shooting of these pictures… kittens however…

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    Hey, those are cool pictures!

    22- Shred the book and let your hamster play in the WLD!

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    023 – Need to change that light bulb and the steps are in the shed? Have no fear, the WLD is here!

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    016- could make an impromptu shield against small missile weapons(sling stones darts and the like)

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    016: for Feylin to stand on so she can see over things

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