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    AEG is proud to announce that the 2013 Amethyst Championship will be held in Athens, Greece, on November 10th, 2013.

    The Amethyst Championship


    The title of Amethyst Champion is one that has been associated with great danger and sacrifice in the past, when the title was given to those tasked with guarding a cursed gaijin artifact. In time, the artifact was destroyed and the title changed to serve as a representative of the Emperor in the most distant courts of the Empire, giving all the subjects of Rokugan the opportunity to gain the ear of the throne even in the most obscure of environments. Recently, the position was vacated by Asako Izuna, a noted inquisitor of the Phoenix Clan whose duties required her to abdicate. With the invaluable tutelage of Izuna’s advisor Utaku Tairu, the Mantis magistrate Yoritomo Minori took the position amid much controversy. Comparatively inexperienced in court and seeking wise counsel, Minori has opened her organization to those who might be able to aid her in the execution of her duties.

    The winner of this tournament may select any one currently legal personality from his faction to serve as an advisor to the current Amethyst Champion, Yoritomo Minori. This personality must possess the courtier keyword. If a suitable personality does not exist, then the winner may name a new personality that will possess the keyword in a subsequent expansion.

    The winner of this tournament will also be honored with their name on a Strategy card in a future L5R expansion representing their victory at the Amethyst Championship.

    Event Details:

    Held on November 10, 2013 at:

    Stratos Vassilikos Hotel

    114 Michalakopoulou Street

    Athens, Greece

    Event starts at 10:00 AM

    The tournament organizer, Manolis Trahiotis, may be contacted via the following:


    Questions relating to this event may be sent to Dan Dineen, Major Events Manager,

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