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    GenCon attendees,

    The 2013 GenCon page has been updated with the following information on the Costume Contest and RPG Event!

    Attention fans of the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game! We still have open player seats for our big L5R RPG event on Thursday night of GenCon (August 15th!). Come join us and be the first players to delve into the secrets of the Naishou province, a hotbed of intrigue and adventure! Every one participating in our Thursday night event will be receiving a gift bag including a convention exclusive copy of the Secrets of the Empire: Naishou Province supplemental sourcebook, containing information found nowhere else! Don’t miss out!

    RPG Event (Aug 15th, 7PM EST)

    Less than one year ago, the governor of the Naishou province died under mysterious circumstances, and a member of the Imperial families was appointed to take his place.

    Months later, the governor’s court has become a tension-filled battleground as the clan that claims ownership of the province attempts to regain control. The province’s defenders have become diversified to the point that they serve the Imperial families more so than the Great Clans, and the presence of both the Brotherhood of Shinsei and a large number of ronin within the province complicates the matter even further.

    Tempers run high and danger lurks just below the surface throughout the entirety of the province. Into this powder keg comes a small group of samurai. The seek only honor and glory for their families and clans, but instead may find themselves embroiled in a political battle for control of Naishou, with unknown dangers lurking in every shadow.

    Costume Contest (Aug 17th, 6:30 PM EST)

    The history of the Legend of the Five Rings storyline is filled with amazing characters, many of whom were inspired, influence, or outright created by our wonderful fans.

    This year, we will once again extend that opportunity to our most creative and dedicated fans at GenCon Indy during the official 2013 Costume Contest, wherein we show our appreciation for all those fans who choose to dress as the denizens of Rokugan and its Colonies.

    The winner of this contest will serve as the inspiration for a piece of art to appear on an upcoming card in the L5R CCG, and will work with the Story Team to decide what manner of character he or she will become and how he or she will fit into the overall storyline. 

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