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    Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

    Below you will find the list of storyline prizes for the 2014 Fall Tournament Season. These are the choices that are available for the winners of the August 14th and August 15th side events at Gen Con. Information for those events can be found HERE.

    The locations available to choose from will be announced in the coming days. The final list of what event locations will host each storyline prize will be announced on Sunday, August 17th, at Gen Con!


    2014 Fall Tournament Series: Return of Light & Dark

    Storyline Tournament Series for the L5R CCG

    As the Divine Empress prepares to determine who will succeed her upon the throne of the Emerald Empire, her years of service in the name of the Celestial Heavens, as well as the tentative peace she has maintained for more than two decades with the forces of Jigoku, has restored the balance between the various spirit realms, rendering the mortal realm of Ningen-do once again neutral. As such, the great Elemental Dragons have taken notice of the goings-on of men once more, and their Oracles prepare to return to the mortal realm. Just as the Oracles of Light return, however, their equals and opposites, the Dark Oracles return to the world once more, permitted leave from the depths of the Realm of Evil by their dark overlord, Daigotsu.

    The winner of each tournament in this series will have the opportunity  to determine the clan affiliation of a Light or Dark Oracle, as determined by the tournament assignment. In each case, the winner may choose to permit the previous Oracle to retain his or her position, or the winner of this tournament may select any living personality aligned to their faction to be chosen by the Elemental Dragon to receive a portion of its infinite power and become the new Oracle.

    There will be eight (8) events in this series for the Light and Dark Oracle of Air/Earth/Fire/Water. The element of Void (either Light or Dark) is not available for this series.


    The Emerald Championship: First Among Equals

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    The duties of the Emerald Champion are many and varied, and chief among them is standing as the personal champion of the Emperor as well as enforcing his law throughout the Empire of Rokugan. Such a daunting task can hardly be accomplished alone, however, and the Emerald Champion has his cadre of magistrates, the Emerald Magistrates, who serve him. Often times, a samurai achieving the rank of Emerald Champion is without training in the matter of law enforcement, and this can lead to difficulties transitioning into such a powerful role. For this reason, the position of First Magistrate exists. Hand selected by each Emerald Champion, the First Magistrate is the foremost agent of law enforcement, possessing ultimate command over all Emerald Magistrates and answerable only to the Emerald Champion and, of course, the Emperor.

    The winner of this tournament may select any living, legal personality aligned to their faction who possesses the magistrate keyword. That personality will be selected by new Emerald Champion Mirumoto Tsuda to serve as his First Magistrate. In the event that a clan with no legal magistrate personalities claims victory, or the player so chooses, a new personality will be created with the story team for this role with the winner’s input.


    The Topaz Championship

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    In all a samurai’s life, there is no greater occasion than the gempukku ceremony. It represents the end of childhood and the entry into adulthood, when a samurai sets aside his life as a student and takes his oaths of fealty to family, clan, and Emperor. It is at once an occasion for solemnity and celebration, of tradition and of change. And in all the Empire there is no greater gempukku ceremony than the one held in Tsuma, in the lands of the Crane Clan. Each year, the greatest young samurai of Rokugan gather at the Topaz Championship for the chance to compete against their peers and claim the title of Topaz Champion, often with the chance to take their oath of fealty before the Emperor himself.

    The winner of this event will have the opportunity to name a new personality aligned with his clan. This personality will be one that has already been designed for an upcoming CCG expansion, and will be described to the winner so that they might select an appropriate family and name.


    Resolutions: Shame of the Moto

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    No Great Clan is without blemishes to their honor, for the samurai who serve the clan each generation are flawed, human individuals who sometimes fail to overcome temptation, or who are simply unable to live up to the rigorous standards of honor that the samurai caste has set for itself. On occasion, a shame becomes so great that the clan is forced to deal with it, lest the disgrace of it become known throughout the Empire. Most of these matters are kept very quiet, but some few become well known.

    The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation, and with story team approval the identity, of the samurai who discovers the great shame incurred upon the Unicorn Clan by the actions of the notorious, infamous Moto Kang. The winner may determine if the story becomes public knowledge or is kept secret, gaining favor with the Unicorn for their discretion.


    Resolutions: Captives of the Dark Naga

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    The Dark Naga has left the Emerald Empire, and the people of Rokugan are relieved that the nightmarish creature has departed. It is possible that it will return to threaten the Empire once more, but for now, its absence is a long-awaited reprieve that many have eagerly anticipated. Of those who were taken by the beast, some have been recovered. Hida Fubatsu, for instance, is among his kinsmen once more, but others remain absent. In the wake of the Dark Naga’s departure, the search for those who the beast took becomes greater than ever. 

    The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation, and with story team approval the identity, of the hero who discovers the fates of those taken by the Dark Naga, including Mirumoto Mareshi of the Dragon, Mara of the Naga, and Akasha of the Unicorn.


    Resolutions: The Last Tribe

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    More than a generation ago, the Emerald Empire was home to a large population of primitive beings who had once mastered the world with their own vast Empire, but who had fallen into chaos and disarray: the Nezumi. The final fate of this noble, often misunderstood people was to face their greatest enemy, Tomorrow, and to wage battle against it forever in the realm of dreams, known to humans as Yume-do. Only a handful remained behind, and despite their normally prodigious rates of reproduction, their numbers have not increased significantly since that time.

    Now, one among them has been given an amazing gift: longevity. The now immortal Br’nn has summoned all that remain of his people, the few proud stragglers who remain, to create the last tribe of Nezumi. They will be the memory of their people, living on at the edge of human civilization for as long as fate allows it, remembering forever the valor and the sacrifice of the Nezumi people.

    The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation, and with story team approval the identity, of the lone samurai blessed with being in attendance at the birth of the Last Tribe, and being chosen by the Nezumi to serve as their ally and friend in the human world.


    Resolutions: Secret of the Sacred Stones

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    In the year 913 by the Isawa Calendar, the Hantei known as the Iron-Willed Emperor visited the Crab lands. The Emperor was a stern and willful man, as befits one with such a nickname, and refused the escorts offered him by the Great Clans, choosing instead to be protected only by his elite unit of Seppun Guardsmen. When the Emperor’s entourage left the Scorpion lands, it was expected to arrive within the Crab lands in three days time. It arrived eight days later, and the Emperor informed the Crab that the delay was due to an independent village in between the two holdings, Sacred Stone Village, had been consumed utterly by wildfire. No one asked questions, because to question the Emperor was the greatest of sacrilege.

    But that is not what happened.

    The winner of this tournament will consult with the Story Team to create the story of Sacred Stone Village and its destruction, as well as determining the clan affiliation, and with story team approval the identity, of a lost hero of the Empire who saved the life of an Emperor.


    Realms of Spirit: The Dreamer’s Journal

    A L5R CCG Storyline Event

    Once, there was a dark realm created by the warped dreams of a furious, angry god. It was a wretched realm, a place where the Day of Thunder unfolded differently, and the Fu Leng possessed Emperor sat upon the throne, ruling over a realm that was beginning a thousand years of darkness. The dream spirits trapped in this realm believed that they were samurai, and possessed the memories and personalities of many famous samurai from the Clan War era. A strange mystical calamity struck one such spirit, casting him into another realm, where he eventually came to Rokugan wearing the face of Daidoji Uji, a venerable hero of the Crane Clan. His time in the mortal realm is over, and though he has passed on, none know if his spirit dwells once again in the Realm of Dreams, of if by his actions he was granted entrance into the Realm of Blessed Ancestors. During his time in Rokugan, however, Uji noticed many parallels between those he knew in the Dream and their ancestors in the mortal realm. He kept many journals, but those writings have been kept secret until now.

    The winner of this tournament may choose one samurai of his clan to receive the journals of Daidoji Fumisato, the spirit who believed that he was Daidoji Uji. Many secrets and insights are contained within, enough that it will change the life of the man or woman who receives it, perhaps for good, perhaps for bad, but certainly forever.


    Realms of Spirit: The Blessed Guard

    A L5R CCG Storyline Event

    In the Realm of Blessed Ancestors, the spirits of a thousand, thousand samurai enjoy the idyllic life reserved for those who have at long last achieved their destiny in the mortal realm. These ancestral spirits are revered by the samurai of Rokugan, and while they have earned their peace and rest, they do not sit idle. The spirits of Yomi consider themselves the first line of defense for the gates of the Celestial Heavens, and as such they train as a fighting force unlike any other in the various Spirit Realms. This force, the Blessed Guard, occasionally allow snippets of their training, techniques that have been honed by spirits that can exist for thousands of years, to be gained by worthy individuals in the mortal realm.

    The winner of this tournament may select any one samurai of his clan to receive the blessing and training of the Blessed Guard. This will provide him or her with extremely powerful martial techniques, regardless of their role in Rokugan, that will save his or her life on at least one occasion, and possibly save the lives of those much, much more important than a single samurai.


    Realms of Spirit: The Endless Hunger

    A L5R CCG Storyline Event

    The Realm of the Hungry Dead, Gaki-do, is a horrific and nightmarish place, worse in some respects than even the Realm of Evil, Jigoku. The spirits that dwell there are cursed to spend eternity suffering from a hunger that can never truly be sated, but which wracks their entire existence with pain and misery. Those spirits deemed unworthy to enter the Realm of Blessed Ancestors, but too wicked to remain within the Realm of Waiting, are doomed to Gaki-do, occasionally escaping to the mortal realm to try desperately to sate themselves on the essence of the living. And occasionally, artifacts of their intrusion remain after they are banished, bringing a shallow reflection of their suffering upon those who yet live.

    The winner of this tournament may select any one samurai of his clan to gain possessing of a token of Gaki-do. This samurai may, if the winner so chooses, pass this token on to an enemy. The enemy will become possessed of the endless hunger of Gaki-do, bringing misery and ruination in short order as his behavior becomes increasingly frantic and depraved.


    Realms of Spirit: The Maniacal Slaughter

    A L5R CCG Storyline Event

    The Realm of Slaughter, Toshigoku, is a terrible realm where the spirits of those who could not achieve their ambition in life are forced to seek it eternally in death, constantly waging war against one another in a never-ending battle. One of the greatest villains of Rokugan’s history, the twisted Hantei XVI, was doomed to Toshigoku after his death, and his return through Oblivion’s Gate nearly spelled ruin for the Empire a second time. Although dangerous, the spirits of Toshigoku that escape to the mortal realm are less insidious and threatening than those of other realms, because they lack any sense of subtlety or finesse, existing only to maim and kill. They are dreadful opponents, but opponents that can at least be understood by the samurai who are unfortunate enough to face them in battle when the occasion arises.

    The winner of this tournament may select any one samurai of his clan to gain possession of a blade that imprisons a slaughter spirit of Toshigoku. This blade will be a potent weapon that dramatically increases the samurai’s acumen on the battlefield, but which will also doom him with urges toward violent resolution to even the mildest of disagreements. Only the strongest, most honorable samurai will be able to resist.


    Note: These are story prizes and that not all events will result in a new card being printed.

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