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    Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

    Another Gen Con has come to a close, and we want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended the convention or took the time to via the stream of events courtesy of the Sixth Ring!

    To begin the AEG staff in the dealer hall and in the CCG hall did a splendid job during a hectic environment. It is never an easy thing to set up, run, and then break down a GenCon convention, but we were proud to serve the playerbase to the best of our abilities.

    At this time we’d like to offer our congratulations to all the winners of the varied tournaments, and storyline events, which were run at the 2014 Gen Con Event:

    2014 North American Champion – Case Kiyonaga – Crane – “The Field of Battle”

    2014 Second Chance Event – Adam Carey – Scorpion – “The Final Disgrace”

    2014 Invitational Winner – Greg Wong – Dragon – “The Last Vestige of Madness”

    2014 Big Deck Tournament Winner – Chris Justice – “A Tale from the Past”

    The Peasant District – Mark Armitage – Spider – Chose: Goju Sawaki

    The Artisan District – Aaron Barto – Lion – Chose: Matsu Misato

    The Merchant District – Josh Bow – Unicorn – Chose: Shinjo Ajasa

    The Temple District – Paul Germain – Unicorn – Chose: Shinjo Yoshie

    The Military District – Corey Beahon – Dragon – Chose: Togashi Korimi

    The Imperial District – Case Kiyonaga – Crane – Chose: Kakita Kae

    2014 Siege: The Heart of Darkness Winner – Rokugan and the Naga Clan (2016!)

    The Legend of the Five Rings RPG sessions culminated in the Crab Clan petitioning the Emperess to wage war on the Spider Clan, and the Divine Emperess granted their request!

    Finally we want to once again offer a simple, and heartfelt, thank you to everyone who made Gen Con happen and who attended. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the coming and year at events around the world!

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