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    Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

    Without further ado I would like to introduce (or reintroduce in some cases!) you to Geoff Prugh. For the past three years Geoff has, on his own initiative, created a yearly spreadsheet for Kotei Results. He has done this to the best of his ability by researching the information, sometimes quite painstakingly, each week following a Kotei weekend.  By doing this he has been a huge benefit to the L5R community at large, and one deserving of recognition.

    When the 2014 Kotei Season came into focus I reached out to Geoff for review of the past years information, and during that discussion Geoff expressed his willingness to continue doing the same good work he had done before. Geoff will be provided, on a weekly basis, the prior weeks information as it pertains to the Kotei Season. That information will be updated into the official 2014 Kotei Season: Renewal – Results spreadsheet so that all L5R players will have access to up to date information pertaining to their Clan’s standing during Renewal. He will also write a review that will be shared with the L5R community at large via, which is to be posted every Thursday on a weekly basis.

    And here is Week 1 of Renewal!



    Hello everyone and welcome to the 2014 Kotei season! Some of you may know me and some of you may not, so allow me to introduce myself and give you a bit of an idea of what will be happening over the course of the next fifteen weeks.

    My name is Geoff Prugh and you may know of me as HidaKillswitch or WTGeoff on various L5R forums. For the past three years I have been keeping track of various statistics about the Kotei seasons such as tracking the winners, clan breakdowns, and who made the cut for each Kotei. Each year the process has become more streamlined and organized and this year is no different. In addition to tracking clan breakdowns, who made the cut, and who won, I will be tracking each honor victory, the storyline choices for each Kotei, and the total points each clan obtains for the megagame. The spreadsheets from 2011, 2012, and 2013 can be found here and the spreadsheet for the 2014 season can be found here.

    The biggest difference between previous years and this year will be how you read the updates from me. In previous years, I have had a forum thread on the local New England forums and the AEG forums. This year, you will be able to read weekly updates about Kotei season on the main L5R site. I will be working with Dan Dineen, the L5R Major Events Manager, to ensure that all of the information on the spreadsheet is accurate and up to date.

    Last weekend we had six events in Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia, British Columbia, Australia, and Chile. I personally was at the Feeding Hills Kotei in Massachusetts and had a blast playing Mantis and hanging out with the New England community and those who made the trek from other regions. Usually a field dominated by loyal Crab players, their numbers were dwarfed by Crane decks with four Cranes making it into the Top 8 of the 59 player tournament.

    Will Abbott piloting Crane Dishonor and Anthony Lawrence piloting Lion Midgame played a close game that came down to the last card in hand but Will was unable to pull it out, giving Anthony his first Kotei win after three years of only second place finishes. Anthony chose Akodo Hachigoro and Duty. His decklist and tournament report can be found on the Lion Clan forums here.

    The next event of the weekend was held down under in Melbourne, Australia. Their 25 player tournament had a strong Crane representation in both the overall field and the cut. The finals were a match between two Crane players. Nathaniel Robinson on Crane Honor found himself across the table from Jethro Poole-Knight on Crane Scouts. Jethro’s Scout deck reigned supreme and he chose Daidoji Ujirou and Courtesy. His decklist can be found here.

    Atlanta saw a similar situation to Feeding Hills with half of the Top 8 being made up of Crane and 6 of the 38 players piloting Crane decks. Randy Slaven and his Lions were able to defeat Rich Bowers-Dean piloting Crane Honor in the finals. A tournament report, detailed commentary, and his decklist can be found on the AEG forums here. Randy chose Ikoma Yasuko and Sincerity.

    Continuing on the trend, Detroit saw similar results with Crane as three of the Top 8, with two of them making it to the finals of the 39 person tournament. Jason Aken and Case Lopez won their way to the final table, both piloting Crane Military. Jason emerged the victor after three games to win the event. Jason’s deck list can be found here. His decision was to choose Daidoji Rekai and Sincerity.

    We can look to Chile for a change of pace, where in the finals we saw Mantis and Scorpion duking it out for victory with Walbert Ibarra piloting Scorpion Military and Hernan Bocaz piloting Mantis Military. Walbert ultimately came out on top of the 26 person tournament to take it home for the Scorpion. Walbert chose Bayushi Shoju and Duty. His deck list can be found here.

    Moving north to Vancouver, we saw another Crane filled Top 8. Case Kiyonaga piloting Crane Scouts and Angus Campbell piloting Scorpion Dishonor was the final match of the day where Case took the match 2-0. Case’s decklist can be found here. Case’s decision was to select Kakita Kae and Courtesy.

    Crane is off to an early head start for points, with Lion, Scorpion, and Dragon taking up the middle of the pack.



















    Crane’s position at the front of the pack is no surprise as they make up a little over 20 percent of the field and almost half of the cut. They won three of the six Koteis and came in second place at four of the events. A full collection of stats can be found in the spreadsheet under the “Season Overview” tab.

    The storyline choices of what personality and Bushido Virtue the winners have chosen can be found in the spreadsheet under the “Storyline Choices”. So far Crane has chosen Sincerity twice and Courtesy once, Scorpion has chosen Duty once, and Lion is split between Duty and Sincerity. Akodo Hachigoro and Ikoma Yasuko have been chosen for Lion. Daidoji Ujirou, Daidoji Rekai, and Kakita Kae have been chosen for Crane.

    Next weekend we will be going to San Jose, California and Reykjavík, Iceland. Safe travels to everyone heading out to any events and best of luck to those who are playing in the events!

    See you again next week!

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