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    Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

    The final tallies have been calculated, and Clan standings for Glory Point Totals for Renewal are as follows:



















    Now is the time for each Clan to review their totals, and decide how they want to use the Glory Points that were collectively earned over the past few months. In the coming weeks a voting system will be implemented to allow each Clan’s player base to determine how their Glory Points will be spent, thus future announcements will be forthcoming!

    Here is a copy of the list of what the Glory Point Totals can be used for:

    1,000 Glory Point Prize
    The Clan that claims this prize will occupy the lands of another Clan within the
    Empire. The nature of this occupation will depend upon the Clans involved, and
    may consist of either a military occupation or a mission of aid offered to the Clan
    on the receiving end, but either way it will dramatically change the relationship
    between the two Clans, for good or ill.

    750 Glory Point Prize
    The Clan claiming this prize will be responsible for the death of another Clan’s
    family daimyo. The means of this death will be up to the Story Team to determine,
    but the existing relationship between the Clans will play a strong factor. No Clan
    may be targeted more than once in this manner.

    500 Glory Point Prize
    The Clan claiming this prize will win a crushing military or political victory over one
    of their oldest rivals. This victory will be absolute, leaving no room for argument or
    debate as to its outcome, and will be celebrated by the Clan as one of their
    greatest moments.

    250 Glory Point Prize
    The Clan gains a hostage in the form of a child of another Clan’s Champion or
    family daimyo who is fostered to the Clan claiming the prize as security against any
    potential hostilities from the child’s parent Clan.

    100 Glory Point Prize
    A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel. The nature of the duel and the Clan
    identity of the losing Clan will be determined by a vote from registered IA members
    of the Clan choosing the prize.

    For further analysis of the results, please read Geoff Prugh’s Kotei Analysis thread on the AEG L5R Forums found here.

    The 2014 Kotei Season: Renewal – Result‘s can be found here, and the decklists found here.

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