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    – or more likely, nearer 30 hours.

    Hal’s working on the audio for the latest session and it seems a bit of a landmark to have so much recorded of a single game! You tend not to notice so much on a weekly basis.

    It makes me wonder how many hours/days/weeks of my life I’ve spent roleplaying over the years… 😯


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    In the past my mates and I have played for hours on end and not really noticed the time. When your having a laugh and enjoying it, time really flys by!


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    Yeah, in the bad old days I was playing for about 10 – 12 hours on two days a weeks plus another couple of games of only 5 – 6 hours.

    I guess my worst was 1987-88 where I was playing about 35 hours a week during term time, less during the holidays (cold turkey does not cover how I felt).

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    When I was at Orecon (oregon convension) Thaddius of my website (and host of my webcomic) and I roleplayed for like 36 hours or more strait. It was all made possible by three twelve packs of moutain dew and a fear of my drunk uncles.

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    Ok.. I WISH I had the time to make that kind of gametime..

    My record stands at one weekend from friday night to sunday afternoon, with breaks..

    (btw new on the forum’s here & gladly following the WLD audio recordings as I am DMing the same humongous dungeon.. My compliments for the very entertaining stuff here!)

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    Now that I’m an old man of 40 I can’t spend all that time actually playing the game. We get together on Saturdays and start up around 8:00 in the evening and play until midnight or so.

    I’ve taken to recording our sessions and hopefully I’ll put them up on my web site when I figure out how to clean them up a bit.

    I guess I should include the time I spend creating my world for the players. Gee, that would count for about ten hours a week on average if not more.

    I guess I truly an a Gaming Geek!

    Visit my site at to see what we’re up to these days. Check out the logs, the maps, and the characters! You can find a few pictures as well.

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    PaulofCthulhu wrote:

    It makes me wonder how many hours/days/weeks of my life I’ve spent roleplaying over the years… 😯


    Of course, the answer to this is, “not enough!”

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    My wife and I met in a convention game were we both played in seperate first rounds, then met in the 2nd round, and played for 41 hours over the course of the weekend. Our game lasted so long we were being used as a landmark to locate other games. The Con staff awarded the group a special award for “Gaming Beyond the Call of Duty.”

    Nice times. Now with jobs we are lucky to get a few hours in a month.


    WLD podcast gives us something to listen to separately and talk about RPG’s with in the meantime.

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