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    The BAGgies had a (very brief) discussion on playing a game version of the Adventure Time! show, in Sundered Skies episode 13.

    Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though there are any plans for an official tabletop pen-and-paper RPG version of the show, but there are some fan-made versions that might be worth a look. There’s also a D&D 4E fan-made version, which probably won’t appeal to people who dislike D&D 4E.

    Are there any groups on the site who might be interested in trying one of these homebrews, and perhaps recording the results? More importantly, how many listeners would be interested in such a game?

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    Could it not also work as a re-skinned version of the old Toon rpg?  Just run Toon under the AT mythology and aesthetic.

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    Overheard in Ooo:

    “He has a lot of potions. He went fuck it. You all ignored the sign saying ‘Please Take One'”

    “How are we supposed to know there’s not like another broken off piece of the sign around that says ‘At A Time’?”

    “Did you roll a 1?”

    “I did.”

    “Hang on, let me find this.”

    “So what happens now?”

    “Well there are rules for suffocating…”


    “Next round she’ll fall unconscious, and then…”

    “I could die!”

    “You know I can shoot this jar of acid over there onto the mask.”

    “You know what, I’ll take it.”

    “Rolled a 4+9.”

    “So you take acid damage but since acid is a splash attack so does the mask.”

    “My hair!”

    “Ok and it attacks Oscar….and the scorpion now has a mask on it and wants to kill you…

    “You smash the weakened mask against the ground and it shatters. You can breathe. Ok now it’s the creature’s turn again…Make a Fortitude save.”


    “Did you roll another 1?”


    “Ok you have another mask and the golem and giant scorpion are your friends, you hate the butterfly and the little frog.”


    “Ok Doc what do you do on your turn?”

    “Consider driving home and leaving you all.”

    “Wait I get a bonus to…”


    “One second, reading. This…I can disable magic devices with this feature, can I disable magic device on a golem?”

    “You can try.”

    “It would take an absolute miracle to…”


    “”….The golden mask falls off the golem, followed by its arms and legs. It crumbles, and the masks on your teammates fall off dead…”

    “Y’all fuckers LAUGHED at me when I traded all my magic beans for this GOLEM KEY at that thrift store. What are the chances? POOM.”


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    I’ve never quite grasped whatever it is that makes people crazy about this show. My brother in law seems to think it’s the greatest thing ever and bases his life around when it airs on television. He also does the thing where you put your hands on your face, push your cheecks up, and make stupid expressions unironically. My wife has started doing the same since she noticed how much that bothered me.


    I may have to move.

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