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    What? An article with a clickbait title and no referencing of sources for the information cited as fact? And linking to a video with also no references for sources and an equally cliclbait title? THEY MUST BE TRUE AND THEREFORE WE MUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING SAID WITHIN.



    I’m sorry, my sarcasm meter topped out and had to be vented.

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    I know, right? It just seems to be a highly biased and opinionated piece with very little actual information in. I am reminded, however, of Njall’s Saga (also known as The Saga of Burned Njall) in which Njall the beardless (a wise man with the gift of foresight) has three sons. His friend Gunnar Haumunderson has a wife (Halgerd Long Legs) who goads a man who’s name I cannot remember who has a minor gift of poetry into besmirching their honour. He claims that Njall’s young sons must be desperate to grow beards, why, he even saw them in a field smearing horse’s dung on their chins to encourage their beards to grow.


    “The sons of Njall on manhood bent,

    and fearing less they be unfit,

    bedaubed their chins with excrement

    and that is why they reek of shit!”


    Ah, viking insults are often so inventive, so creative. In this case it lead to a number of killings and a feud that was simmering down was ignited once more by a handful of troublemakers despite the best wishes of the heads of both houses. It’s an interesting story. Good reading. I trust you can see why this “article” reminds me of that particular scene.

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    If you sucked ass as much as this article does your beard might actually be as full of shit as it claims and is.


    Yeah! Sick burns over here! Don’t start nuffin’, won’t be nuffin’!

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    Apparently there are also certain health benefits to growing a beard.


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