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    Not really, no…

    But if I’d done something wrong, I would hope that someone would tell me…

    And since no one has told me or a transgression, I have to assume that this time I’m actually innocent…

    For once…

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    Well you know what assume did? 🙂

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    Make an ass outta you for me? 😆

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    SnackGirl wrote:
    🙁 Poor Lindsay…

    Does this imply that the Halpins may be getting a projector/gaming table in the near future then? 😛

    Presumably, AFTER they’ve moved! 😀

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    Would it not be ace ?

    I think when we move into our actual own place (after living with my parents, Lindsay’s outlaws 😀 ) we are going to ensure that the house has sufficient space for hobbies 😀 Lindsay is after a sewing and crafty room, so I think it only fair that I should have a kiss ass gaming room of cooly coolness 😀

    We can only imagine the wonders that will be in there 😀 Perhaps I can wire the room for sound so that I can record without all the annoying wires running everywhere 😉 Or perhaps I might have a nice shiny gaming table. Its all good but also a little way down the line. Lets see how things go round here 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    OOooooooo I like the idea of wiring it for sound straight off… You could have AMAZING audio if it’s done up right… I like…

    And we’ll just have to make a huge version of that gaming table… Only fair, right?

    And i’m sure they you’ll be in a posh place in no time… I have the feeling Lindsay will end up making large piles of money with her shop…

    And if not, I suppose she could pimp you out or something…

    What for, I dunno… but she could!

    Heh… Now I have the image of Lindsay with a cane and a big ol’ pimp hat… lmao

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    MTV, Pimp my DM!

    I think it only fair that I should have a kiss ass gaming room of cooly coolness

    Paging Dr. Freud. Ironically, I think the kiss part is more accurate, as it’s going to take some puckering up to get the whole project finished. My vote is that while maintaining a healthy ass-kissing policy (the foundation of a healthy marriage!), you should also begin work on both the sewing room and the gamer den at the same time. After all, it would make sense to do all of the work while you have the tools and materials.

    That should in no way be construed as a way to do an end-run around the approval process for the game den in the first place *innocent look*

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