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    Wow, talk about a job. This is the first time I have actually had time to get over to Rpgmp3 in a long while, I was really starting to miss it.

    I swear everyone needs my help “I need you to fix this,” “I would like to complain about that,” can people never be happy? And yes, I do realize how hypocritical of me it is to complain about them complaining. But anywho that’s not the point. I really do thank you demonx for making me that banner for Because frankly, it kicks some major …

    And because I’m a jerk and I do this, come on guys! I could use some new faces on my site and some new ideas to try to make it a roleplaying paradice. Actually I’m currently trying to also set up a group to play dnd online, basically saying there is this girl who likes me who really wants to play dnd, and my cool friend from England wants to play. So we are going to attempt to get a strait audio/video feed going and see if it works. And yeah,

    I was also wondering if anyone could give me a good breif summery of what has been going on in WLD and such, I haven’t had the time to listen to it reciently and it makes me really sad.

    P.S. I know that some of you out there may think that forum roleplaying is ‘basterdizing’ the game, but if you give it a chance you never know if you might like or not… hehe, that was once again, a cheap attempt to get some new blood on my forums.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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