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    • Owlbear

    Hey guys! What do you think is the best Call of Cthulhu adventure?



    ps: I’m new to Cthulhu and am wondering what to start with?

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    • Orc

    The best Cthulhu Adventure or the one your start your campaign with are not the same answers!

    There are many great Cthulhu Adventures; the all times greats include the Masks of Nyralathotep Campaign, the Walkers in the Waste Campaign and many more single adventures that are difficult and tremendously fun.

    However, any new campaign should start off with something a little more innocuous. There are many small and simple adventures for a new group and a new GM. Cthulhu is all about atmosphere and I’d suggest starting with some small adventures to get a feel for the style.

    There are any number of great beginning adventures but one of my favorites is Bless the Beast and Children detailed in the Adventures in Arkham County scenario book.

    There are many others and I’m sure you will get several good suggestions.

    Best of luck,


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    • Treant

    I have to say that I ran Masks for ages and it is a superb game. To be honest it is probably one of the best RPG adventures ever written for any system.

    Of course there is a high character turnover in the game, but it is totally brilliant 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    • Orc

    If your into CoC I suggest you check out Pauls site here….

    Its one of the best CoC sites I’ve seen on the net, well worth a good look about! 😀

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    • Owlbear

    Thanks Demonix, very kind of you to say so!

    For beginning GMs I would recommend the one that comes in the back of the book: The Haunting – you can even listen to an audio recording of it here on RPGMP3 – although do take that version with a pinch of salt!

    As for others it depends if you prefer the Classic setting (e.g. 1920s) or Modern. Masks of Nyarlathotep is a great (but lengthy) campaign for the Classic era, and I would recommend Unseen Masters for the Modern era, and the Delta Green material when it comes back into print.

    You can also check out some of Chaosium’s older stuff as PDFs over at

    Hope that’s of some help!

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    The first ever cuthlu game I played in was the haunting, and I can honestly say that no rpg game has ever evoked fear in me before or since. It was fantastic. I don’t know if it was the GM, the adventure, or just the frame of mind I was in but it was one of my most memorable games ever.

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    My 10c worth is for Spawn of Azathoth. Perhaps not as classical as Masks, it is still the game I remember with most fondness, being my first extended CoC campaign.

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    As a referee, I loved running the scenarios in the “Arkham” series sourcebooks. Most were of sufficiently low difficulty that I could use them for relatively new groups, but some of them were real stinkers (for the PCs, that is) 😈 .

    The players seemed to enjoy my campaign, and I emphasised the “All is Not As It Seemes” atmosphere of Cthulhu by interspersing the printed scenarios with little mundane “adventures” for my players. These emphasised and reinforced that the characters were part of the community they were adventuring in, and helped make them think about “collateral damage” 🙂 .

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    • Orc

    Masks is definitly the greatest of the Classic adventures.(so many interesting ways for characters to perish/go insane)

    Return to the Mountains of Madness comes a close second

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