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    Approximately half a dozen times Hal read to us a section from the book, only to end with the phrase ‘do not read that last part to your players’. Our gripes were the bad pacing, especially at the first. We felt railroaded for most of the model, and there were completely pointless aspects to the module that just killed time. Game was 75% before we even got to the Antarctic, and we didn’t know much more than we started with and had really accomplished nothing at all.

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    When I started to listen to this series I knew I would want to grab a copy of the adventure to fully understand what was happening. (I have also ordered a copy of The Thousand Thrones for the same reason) That copy arrived on Friday and I’ve only had time to flip through it but some points occur to me.

    First, I agree that the adventure seems set up to tell the story the writers had in mind with no space given for free roaming players. This railroading would vex a number of players and either require a bunch of dance work on the keepers part or the players risking the whole adventure for a whim.

    Second, the adventure was written as I expected it to be. That is to say it is more concerned with telling the keeper what is happening and then expecting the keeper to retell it to the players. This is why so much of the text goes from description to rule mechanics in the same paragraph. The keeper is just to know what is happening, telling the players only what elements of that they care to check into.

    Third, the adventure was written to be at least a chapter a session for pacing. The actual content of each chapter works to prevent that with a large amount of busy work (the cargo lists for example). That pacing, at least a chapter every two and a bit hours, would help the earlier bits from dragging so much but could only be reached by ejecting or at least cutting down on some of the busywork. I can say that with the advantage of having heard your group go through it.

    I think that the suggestion of making the players more important is a good one (perhaps because they are paying their way or even a university group being added to the trip as a way to Moore to make up some shortfalls in costs). Added to being aware of the way the first parts can bog down and cutting out those elements as needed based on the player actions would help too. The final bit of only telling the players what they ask about instead of reading out the pages of details will bring the players more into the adventure. They will be involved in what is happening instead of being told…

    My example of the plane trip returns to me here and in the first part I have seen other places where my approach would differ from Hal’s. Ask the players instead of reading to them what they do. I know the book was written from the telling point of view but asking connects to the players (at least in my mind and hopefully in the minds of my players as I do it all the time 🙂

    One again, thanks for the audio. I have yet to finish it, about half way through 13, but I am enjoying it.

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    I’m glad you are enjoying the audio. I would happily host anything CoC that you record if you feel so inclined. You seem to be a rather experienced Keeper.


    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you for the invite. I will talk to my group and see if they would be willing to be out there in the open just as yourself are 🙂

    And I finished part 13 this morning with the ending being very much in line with Lovecraft’s own works. Everyone involved either dead, mad or knowing they are doomed as something comes down the hallway towards them 🙂

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