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    I know a lot of the people who post here including the group who are going through WLD live in the UK. I woke up 30 minutes ago and have been watching the news on the television about the bombs in London. I’m not sure where Bradford or any of the other places in the UK are that I see listed in the signatures of various posters, but I wanted to express my thoughts and prayers that you and everyone you know is safe and sound.

    Ernie Noa (ENoa4)

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    I will second those thoughts in hopes that we will soon hear that everyone is OK.

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    • Orc

    Speaking as an ex-Londoner, various bastards the world over have been trying to bomb us into submission for rather a long time. It doesn’t work, it just makes us even more determined.

    For those of you worried about the WLD team, Bradford is well away in the north of England where little bunnies hop around and all is tranquil.

    Thanks for caring,


    in Luxembourg

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    Three years ago I worked in Bloomsbury (in London) and Russell Square was the tube station I used to commute, usually arriving at that station between 8:45 and 9:00am.

    Bradford is near Leeds, which is in the North of England (West Yorkshire) approximatly 200 miles north of London, in the middle of the UK.

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    I seem to recall hearing Nottingham somewhere in your whereabouts.

    Glad everyone is alright…but are there any London posters?

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    Nottingham is in the East Midlands. It’s about 80 miles south of Bradford (a fair distance for the UK, next door for the US!)

    With regards to London posters, a quick check through the membership gives quite a few who list London as location. Lets hope all are OK…

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    It’s good to know Hal, Paul, Lindsey, Steve and Fin are all safe in Bradford. The land where

    where little bunnies hop around and all is tranquil.

    Great quote…

    I hope all friends and family members are safe too.

    Ffaern said:

    Speaking as an ex-Londoner, various bastards the world over have been trying to bomb us into submission for rather a long time. It doesn’t work, it just makes us even more determined.

    More power to you sir.


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    Thankfully we are all fine up here in Bradford (which has no bunnies really and does have it’s own problems which this will make a great deal worse)!

    Lindsay and I have managed to contact everyone we know in London and they are all OK.

    It is a terribly sad world we are living in at the moment. But as stated before the UK has been being bombed and having crazy folks throwing themselves at it for years. It never worked yet. Everything will be back to normal (more or less) tomorrow I would imagine!

    Thanks to all who thought about us and thoughts to those who have been affected more directly!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thanks for caring guys.

    I was at work today and only heard bits and pieces of what was going on, but Neil, our friend in london is fine, which im very glad.

    Im supposed to be in London at the moment on a placement at the British Museum, which i beleive is near Russle Square, so im a bit freaked, and mostly releved im not there.

    Hope all our London members are ok, and havent been affected by this horrid event.


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    Thoughts and prayers to the people in London. I’m keeping up with the story as best I can and still look like I’m working.

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    I’ve been in touch with my friends at the BM and they’re all OK, but describe the situation as “horrid”. However with great British stoicism, things will return to a semblance normal by tomorrow or the weekend I think.

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    I’m relieved to hear no one there was directly affected, but as a lot of us in the states learned in 2001, this kind of thing is usually only a few people away. Prayers and best wishes.

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    No kidding. I grew up 45 minutes from NYC, and had a friend who worked in Manhattenon 9/11. I called to check on him and he was able to see the towers come down from the front of his office building. He had to walk back to Long Island across the bridge (Brooklyn Bridge I think). Nobody walks across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s just not done… he’s got some strange photos of masses streaming across the bridge on their way home.

    I haven’t been back to NYC since. It’s going to be weird when I do.


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    The British people you have to love ’em. What the terrorists have never learnt is that this sort of action brings out a peculiar sort of bloody mindedness in the British.The consituent parts of our merry little country might have their differences but events such as this just make us more determined to get on with life.If 30 years of IRA bombing couldn’t make us budge then this attack is certainly going to have no effect on the country as a whole for more than a couple of days(my sympathies do of course go out to the bereaved and the injured)but in the end we will find these people and we will administer justice.


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    Yep, the British Museum is right next to Russel Square – I used to live there (near R.Square, not the museum, but that would have been all kinds of cool) – there’s a really good RPG shop across the road from the museum, which I walk to most lunchtimes like a slavish zombie, I mean, for exercise, so if you get down to London and want to meet up for a friendly non-internet stalking coffee or something, feel free to drop me a PM. That goes for all of you.

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