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    Lockhart wrote:
    The Update is close at hand. However there has been minor setbacks. Namely the forum blowing itself up. And all the YGG audio suddenly disappearing. However due to wonderful efforts and such, things are back on track but there are a few last teething issues that need dealing with. At least as far as I know. Therefore I leave you with one ominous word. SOON!

    Lockhart posted this in the other forum, but I was worried it might get overlooked. So, as with the Law of SODS, SOMETHING had to go boom, and this time it was the forum code buggering up permissions, and causing all sorts of shenanigans & swearwords even I haven’t heard before..

    As far as I know, as of last night, the server people, Thing & Hal were working jointly to deal with the issue, and get the site back to a working version that is close to publishable. Yay!

    Hal, as always, works his little but off for this site, but big thanks to THING this time who (although some MAY say that the initially issue COULD have been prevented by him), has worked tirelessly, through PAIZO-CON weekend, & also while pretty unwell to get this back to a point where it is workable again. Above and Beyond, Mr Thing :queen:

    I don’t know the new release date, but my bones tell me that by the end of this week, there MAY be something NEW to look at around here :tumble:

    Thank you for bearing with us, once again. This one really was down to the GODS.. damn them and their PESKY ways…

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    Blimey! Thanks for the update and many thanks to the lads for their great endeavours!

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    Thank you Lindsay 😀

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