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    A CoC one off from GentClub…

    Call of Cthulhu: Operation ARC LIGHT One Off

    Filesize: 17MB

    Jules wrote:
    A one-off Call of Cthulhu session set in a fictionalised late-1960’s Vietnam, involving a party of United States Air Force ‘Pararescuemen’, tasked to locate a missing aircraft and recover its crew, written by Jules.

    Player Characters:

    Ghost (team commander)

    Pancake (team maniac)

    Doc (team trauma surgeon)

    Babyface (team mascot)

    Suplex (team radioman)

    The lost bird is a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, which is about 160ft long, 40ft high, with a wingspan of around 185ft, all of which are good reasons for it not to go missing in the first place.

    The B-52 is part of secret ‘ARC LIGHT’ bombing operations (of dubious legality) around and over the border of Vietnam into Cambodia.

    The six missing crew members have been identified to the party as:

    Captain John Adams, Commander

    Captain Robert Bloch, Co-pilot

    Major Alfred Chadwick, Electronic Warfare Officer & Backup Pilot

    Captain Will Durrant, Navigator

    Major Fred Edwin, RADAR Navigator

    Senior Sergeant Bill Fish, Gunner

    One of the missing crew may or may not be the son of a U.S. Senator, although that information has not been confirmed.

    Audio Note

    Regrettably, I started the recorder a few minutes into the session, after the party had safely parachuted into the Cambodian jungle. It is twilight and the weather conditions are poor; the PC’s are dealing with heavy rain. Their first encounter is with a pair of locals carrying a large crate with Russian markings.

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    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Mr. Hal and GentClub!

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    Thanks, Hal!

    Hope you like this one, MK, which almost fits within a long lunchbreak.

    Happy to discuss this slight departure from the more familiar territory of Lovecraftian uncanniness, of course.

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    Taking this with me to the gym. Sounds rather exciting.

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