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    A CoC one shot from The Order using the Dread Jenga tower for insanity…

    Call of Cthulhu: Stone Island One Shot

    Filesize: 128MB

    LightPagoda wrote:

    Using Dredd Jenga tower for insanity.

    Stone Island

    gm Patrick

    Players: Jayson, James, Eric and long absent OOTAK founding member Todd

    You’ve seen the video…

    Everybody has seen the video. It’s amazing what a person can do with a Mac and pirated copy of Final Cut Pro. It isn’t real, it CAN’T be real, but you work with a guy who couldn’t do a better job himself (and he’s pretty damned good with a computer)…

    You and your team have read the comments on You Tube, sat through the Skype discussions, skimmed through the password-enabled blogs; its clear that there are some unhinged people out there. After all, the Internet is a strange and twisted place.

    You and your guys are grounded in reality. You are normal people who go to work on a daily basis, but sometimes you get the feeling that you can’t completely trust your eyes. You have peered into the dark corners of haunted houses, interviewed the terrified

    residents and experienced a few genuine paranormal encounters, but it hasn’t been enough.

    The gnawing sensation that some unseen thing exists just tantalizingly beyond your five senses drives you deeper into the mystery. You have spent more than a few nights chatting with the online crazies. You’ve let them into your world. The rest of your team may not be quite as enthusiastic, but you believe.

    “We could be famous!” you’ve told them “This could be our ticket to television and the

    kind of notoriety that brings us the BIG payday!”

    T-shirts, Bonus Edition DVDs, a weekly television series! You’ve already ordered your team

    members their t-shirts. You’ve got your branding all figured out.

    “Famous guys! FAMOUS!”

    You felt the wheels turn a bit, your team perked up. They trust you.

    What could go wrong? Monsters, don’t exist. Well, at least monsters that don’t wear costumes or lurk invisibly in centuries-old attics. You watch the clip again: A large man sprawled on a muddy forest floor is crawling out of

    a leering stone portal. The guy behind the camera is shaking like crazy. He is clearly terrified and screaming at the portly man flailing about on the ground. Such sloppy camera work. The clip is a brilliant piece of viral movie making. Panic drips from each

    frame. Genius.

    And then you seem them; the two monstrous appendages. They are obscenely long and a sickly grayish-green; a shade of wet snot. You fixate on the ragged talons at the ends of

    the repulsively mottled “hands”. They are painted a jaunty red.


    It simply cannot be real. Your mind balks as your gut clenches each and every time you watch the short clip. Your team feels the same. You all agree that the video is fine filmmaking.

    Coast-To-Coast PM? Sounds familiar. You can’t remember. You Tube has removed the clip and deleted the user comments. No reason was given for its removal.

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Yay, Todd is back in the line-up! Let’s hope he doesn’t bring Byron into this game, or there’ll be SAN loss both OOC and IC. 😯

    Thank you Hal and OotAKu gamers. 🙂

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    I really enjoyed this game, it sounds like you are thinking of publishing this at some point. I for one would love a copy of it.

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