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    This is a catch-all site and has many different types of generators and includes tools to create your own random list generator and random phrase generator. Fun stuff like:


    Civilization generation!


    Bazaar generator!


    And the Whimsical Cliché Fantasy Plot Generator, with gems like:

    The vengeful prince must slay the dragon or else die trying.


    Unbeknownst to them..

    The mysterious demon must put his past behind him or else die trying.


    Far, far away..

    The unlucky half-demon is trying to find out the truth about his past to redeem himself.


    In a nearby land..

    The tormented half-demon must stop his twin brother or else lose everything.




    So check them out at Chaotic Shiny!

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    • Drider

    I do love a good random table or two, so I’ll certainly have a look at those. Thanks for linking.

    Hafwit 2.0
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    Very cool. 🙂 I particularly like the bazaar one.


    I’ve made some random tables, but it’s the old-fashioned sort that uses dice.  

    Hafwit 2.0
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    A fun drop-table (not by me!) for horror:


    The idea is that you drop some dice onto the table, and the thing they land on is what the scenario’s about. If you want you could decide that the thing that the die with the highest value lands on is the central concept.

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    • Thri-kreen

    Nice. Could lead to some interesting interpretations and stories.

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