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    Here is the Journal of Jacque Valentinis

    The tales and knowledge within these pages are real

    And should anyone acquire this…

    I ask that you bring it to Lilianna of Glacendia


    Dodei de secundum; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    I took a Mainetti trade caravan to their capital, Pyronis. Beautiful city, grand buildings and much wealth, the reason for this journey was to honor my war hero status and celebrate my promotion. However there were other things at work; Glacendia needed aid, more troops, and money. After the pomp and circumstance that their military gave me, I began our discussions on the other reason, the main reason that I made the journey. They said to talk about it tomorrow, let it not spoil the celebration. Forced to agree, I waited for the next day and then the next. For eight months they ignored their ally’s need of aid. During this time, I learned that Mainett has been losing the war with Vatar and rumors of a mass levy were spread throughout the populace. Also Pyronis shown itself as a place of depravity, outside the upper class neighborhoods were brothels, unfortunates, seedy merchants and worse. I realized that my situation would not change for the better by staying; I decided to return home and took the first vessel, ironically named Carpe Diem.


    Adcredo de secundum; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    The Carpe Diem is a merchant vessel, nothing really surprising and the crew was a mixture of peoples, some from Mainetti, some Pentecani, and some I couldn’t tell. At this point, the voyage has been cold and bitter but thankfully uneventful. A quick word with a sailor says we are sailing pass Dominous. The crew was wary, always looking toward land, expecting that they would swoop down upon the carrack. Instead of outward attacks, there seemed to be a scuffle between a few of the guards and some passengers.

    On another note, people have been disappearing and no one knows where. I hope that this will not be my last entry…


    Renovatio de Trientis; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    Raiders came and seized the ship. Drottinn Hross was the apparent leader of this raid. He is a violent man and will not stop for anything to get what he wants. Apparently they were looking for a person called ‘Valkyrie’. The name meant nothing to me but for three passengers I recently met meant something to them. I found out in a few minutes that they were talking about the young woman in the sickbay with the two that the crew fished out from the water. Then IT came, a Dreki Vaka. Do not be fooled into thinking that these beings are a myth. They stand taller and prouder, with an arrogance that only a Mainetti could compete with. IT gave no name but frightened my new acquaintances. The Dreki Vaka centered its gaze on what appeared to me a young couple, later I found their names to be Nicholi and Cora. I grabbed its attention and steered it away from the two. The creature as I previously stated looked down upon us as weaklings. I handed IT the girl and said “We will meet again.” The creature took offense to it and bore threats of death to my person. After its threats the creature left without another word.

    One of the two people in the sick bay woke up, he knew naught where he was but remembered who he was. He stated that he was known as Roland and proceeded to dress himself. That’s when the raiders started taking people, claiming them as slaves to most likely be sold elsewhere. I was angry then, as they promised to leave us in peace for the girl. I drew my sword and slew the two taking the woman. More of their companions came down only to be slaughtered by myself, Roland, Nicholi, or the two girls. One of us fell, one of the girls I believe that was called Emma. Things were going rather well for us until that Dreki Vaka returned to the hold; He made another offer to us the passengers will not be touched nor turned into slaves if we give up one of our own and leave the boat. The conscious girl, Cora offered but was intercepted by Nicholi. To whom I was very much surprised, he walked over to IT. The Dreki Vaka used its claw to scratch that poor boy’s eye out, and then left. We’ve been on a row boat since and finally made it to land.


    Deedrei de Trientis; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    Now that there is time to write on my companions, I shall. They are an odd bunch to be sure. We’ll start with the man named Roland, the man they fished out of the sea. The man said he was a soldier or a smuggler of some sort, though I feel that there is more to it. However it is quite obvious that he has no knowledge in outdoor survival. He rarely spoke of his homeland, but mentioned he has been to Dominus. I inquired further but he avoided going further into the subject. Roland is a rather efficient warrior even though he says he’s not at full strength, I’m puzzled at this as he took out raiders as easy as I could. We do have something in common, we both were apart of squads. The squads were obliterated, we survived and had led.

    The next one is the young woman cora. She seems to be an innocent girl, though I do not know her story in full. She is from fair-weather and escaped the plagued lands to Glacendia. Roland was strangely surprised by the news like he was living under a rock. A very cozy rock but a rock all the same. Anyway Cora seems to be an effective hunter and woods woman. Other than that she’s meek and not all that strong. Roland hopes she will not ever have to kill another human, I hope for the same but…

    There is Emma, she’s still unconscious and frankly I don’t know if she’s going to survive the journey ahead. Don’t know her well enough to give a definite opinion of her. However she’s not that good in combat that is a definite.

    Then there is the heavily armoured woman, Caroline. I was stunned when I discovered her to be a knight of the rose. I thought they all were in Pendran fighting amongst themselves…

    As to our recent course we seem to be only a day’s journey to the watch fort of Steinn Gaeta. I have a report to make and persons in need of healing, we must get back before the vicious snows of Pentican sets in.

    Deedrei de Trientis; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    I saw a shrine to the lesser wolf goddess Valdyr, the Black Wolf. A goddess of a warrior’s courage. Da talked about her a few times in his stories. There was a rather large wolf skull on this stone table. Along with a broken sword, a broken wine horn and bones. The Skull represents Valdyr, the broken sword broken honor, injustice. A broken wine horn for favor in war, kind of a blessing for good fortune in battle. Problem is that it doesn’t have to be down the day before or the next month.

    Also there were runes, I didn’t recognize them but I remember that it was taboo to copy them down or else it will bring bad fortune. I memorized them for they were most peculiar.

    While on the way to the village we found a body of some sort of dragon. It was smaller than one, though it was about a horse and a half in size. We found it to have a saddle and then looked for its rider. The soul apparently poisoned himself before his pursuers got to him. We found only a Penticani sword at the body, the dominousi’s things were ransacked. However we found letters that formed a ledger of slave trading. Bad things this. Of course this only is compounded by my own fears of my companion Roland. I believe that he is more than just a smuggler but in actuality be of Dominous. It explains why he said he wasn’t at full strength and why he didn’t talk about his homeland. I plan to confront him tonight. If this is my last entry, I have been murdered by Roland, a witch of Dominous.

    It was odd on how we got to talking about Roland’s um… being in Pentecan and who he was. You see we found a river which wasn’t on the map; we decided it would be best to deal with this new difficulty in the morning. I went out hunting and bagged 3 wolves and a stag. Skinned them and had Emma butcher them. To get the carcasses out of the way, we tossed them in the river. The stag got stuck at on a dead tree, I was looking for a way to untangle it. I asked for a pole or a stick, but Emma, the stupid girl, walked into the water despite my warning. We now had an old fashion freeze to death moment. Took the needed steps and got her back to camp. Roland and I left to gather her stuff and that’s when we had our discussion. He claims that his house is in exile and that he bears no ill will. I believe him; however I did mention I would be the first to drive my sword into his heart. Should he betray that trust.

    Thandiei de Trientis; in the month of Autumni-Fenus the Dead Moon; in the year 5013, the Theocratless

    We packed up camp and marched to the village Hvtir falla. On the way we found a gauntlet sticking out of the ground. Roland and I dug it up and found a knight buried there. We lifted the visor of his helmet and found it was a man named Briar Moss, part of the knights of the red rose. He was broken, battered and very much dead. He was attached to the tree next to him, and when I say this I mean the tree is a part of him. We buried him again and gave proper rights; afterwards continued onward to the village.

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