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    As Hal mentioned this in the Shattered Star thread, lets collect some “stock” characters here!

    The Idea is, to have sort of a closet of characters, for when you as a GM need a proper char quickly or maybe can’t think of an NPC to implement.


    I’ll start off with two Pathfinder characters:


    Class : Oracle (Life, Haunted)

    Race: Aasimar

    Traits: Resilient, Fast talker/Dangerously Curious


    Assuming 20 Point buy:

    STR: 14

    DEX: 12

    CON: 11

    INT: 12

    WIS: 12

    CHA: 18

    (STR can be switched with either DEX or CON. Depends on if the party has a proper melee or not and if you want to do ranged support.)



    Selective Channeling, Extra Revelation, Toughness, Point blank chain (for ranged support, optional)



    Life Link, Combat healer, Safe curing, Channel, Energy Body, (Spirit Boost)


    He’s mainly just a healer character. The advantage of not needing a lot of feats for healing makes it possible to pick up some archery feats on the way so he can do something when nobody is injured.


    You could play him as an evil oracle, possessed by the ghost of a merciful healer (maybe even taking the possessed archetype for the laughs) or, as Life Link sort of reminds me of him, like Neds Rolemaster character.


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    • Orc

    The second one is not really intended as a player character (although possible) but can be used as a VERY powerful Boss character.


    Class: 2 Monk/1 Fighter/  10 Alchemist/( X Master Chymist)

    Archetypes: Monk of the Sacred Mountain, Master of Many Styles, (Unbreakable, optional), Beastmorph, Vivisectionist

    Race: Tiefling

    Racial Traits: Prehensile Tail, Beguiling Liar, Claws

    Traits: Accelerated Drinker, Indomitable Faith (Pride/Paranoid Drawback to get Student of Philosophy, subject to GM approval)


    15 Point buy:


    STR: 16

    DEX: 12

    CON: 12

    INT: 16

    WIS: 12

    CHA: 5


    Feats: Iron Will, Power Attack, Feral Combat Training (Claw), Extra Discovery (Vestigial Arm), Snake Style, (Weapon Focus: Bite, Feral Combat Training: Bite)


    Bonus Feats: Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity, Toughness, Weapon Focus: Claw (removed if Unbreakable Fighter Archetype), Brew Potion, Throw Anything, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike


    Discoveries: Feral Mutagen, Vestigial Arm, Tumor Familiar (Hedgehog), Spontaneous Healing, Enhance Potion


    Monk and Fighter levels until lvl 3, Alchemist until lvl 10, one level Master Chymist for more Mutagen uses per day, then Alchemist until 14 for Pounce and Master Chymist for the rest.

    Build is largely complete at lvl 5, and amazing after 7.


    This Character uses his 3 natural attacks (lvl 5) or 5 natural attacks (lvl 7) as main attack methods. Stunning Fist and Style Feats affect the 4 Claw attacks (massive bonus to damage from Dragon Style/Ferocity) through Feral combat training.

    Through Vivisectionist he gains Sneak Attack as a Rogue starting at lvl 4, Sneak dice increase with Master Chymist as well (as it replaces Bombs).


    The Character wears Full-Plate (Fighter level) and gets additional AC from Monk of the sacred Mountain, Mutagen, Shield Extract, Shield of faith potion, Barkskin etc.

    Can buy a high level Shield of Faith potion and re-use it through Alchemical Allocation. Takes only one round for drinking Potion with Alchemical Allocation because of Accelerated Drinker and Prehensile Tail.

    Beastmorph gives Scent at lvl 6 and Fly speed at lvl 9. Mithral Full plate is assumed at this point. Boots of the Cat would be recommended as well, since falling is really annoying.


    Saves at lvl 9 should be around +11/+10/+12 including cloak of resistance +1

    AC in Mutagen at around 25 (29 with shield, 37 with shield of faith +4 and barkskin +4. Ring of Protection, Dusty Rose prism and Jingasa of the fortunate Warrior not included)


    All Attacks are roughly at +11 (including amulet of mighty fists and power attack) and do around 1d4/1d6 +14 (first one does +19)


    If you want a HARD boss, just throw the lvl 9 version of this guy at your party and give him someone to flank with. With 5 attacks at +11 that would be a base damage of 72 + 2d4, 2d6, 1d8 and potentially 15d6 sneak damage.


    I’d make him a CR 10/11 (instead of 8) or something, since at lvl 9 his hit points would still only be around 70. If you nuke him with spells you still stand a good chance, although his saves are pretty good. Also he has Fuse Style and Snake Style, which allows him to use Sense Motive as his touch AC once per round (as his touch AC is bad) Sense Motive will be at ~ +15, +20 with items.


    Also: He gets Pounce and Grab later on.


    If you want him as an interesting character, just have him own the local Alchemists shop 🙂 Everybody trusts medicine from a 4-armed tiefling right?

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