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    Computer games are very popular especially in teenage. Somebody spends a lot of times to play it. Somebody doesn’t learn and doesn’t to work because they want to play it but somebody has enough responsibility to control himself to play computer games. You can play computer games together with your friends by modem on Internet so you can play at your home or Internet caf?. You can play it all times. Opinion: I think it depends on behavior of each people if you spent a lot of times to play it surely, it destroys your money, eyes and your health. But if you have enough responsibility to control yourself therefore it can help you to relax and sometimes you can get some idea from it so I think it could be both create or destroy. It’s up to you. Then what do you think about it.

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    FORUM OF SHAME! :gtfo: (err, I think)

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    I second your forum request. 😀

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    Now now, the OP has some good points. Something about computer games giving the power to create or destroy…I liked that!

    But I wouldn’t touch the links with a ten foot pole.

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    You know you’ve been on these boards a long time when you can read Ross’ posts without batting an eye and yet that mess keeps confusing you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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