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    Congratulations to the new(ly engaged) RPGMP3 power couple, @[member=Heather] and @[member=Lockhart]! 😀



    Sept. 2, 2015

    Lockhart and I are currently on vacation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    We had a pleasant free breakfast at our hotel, which was a good start. Admittedly we were a little clumsy through out the day, little trips or bumping into things, so forth. Our venture lead us to Edmonton Mall; a mall so big, you could probably fit four basic malls, three blocks worth of restaurants, plus two small theme parks and still have room to walk; it was amazing.

    There was hope to ride the roller coasters there, alas, Lockhart’s stomach was acting up, and it just wouldn’t be as fun riding these things by myself, so we decided to move on and browse what we could of the mall. I found a Billy Connolly dvd in a British import shop, which I was just thrilled for. Snacks were purchased, along with drinks, basics such as that. We were leaving the cinema section of the mall for last, for that was where the famous automated dragon loomed, I heard it even breathed actual fire, which just sold it for me.

    Five Hours later (yes, that’s not an exaggeration; it took us that long to just browse the place), we gravitated toward the floor where the movies/arcade are kept. I saw these fantastic looking gargoyles on pillars that guarded the doors to the cinema, a giant Batman “flying’ on a bat-platform to my left, a giant Yoda to my right… but no dragon. We later learned that the dragon, whom I was looking forward to see for so long, was retired and destroyed the previous year. Disappointment abound. We played some archade games, then decided to just out right kill our legs with DDR on novice/easy mode, then call it a day from there.

    Lockhart expressed his disappointment and apologized several times that such a build up for the infamous dragon was for nothing, and I only assured him it was alright; it was what it was, there was so sense in sulking about it. then he asked me, once we were in the car:

    “Would you like to know my plan that involved the dragon?”

    That caught my curiosity and I just automatically answered yes, not really thinking about the true weight of his question.

    “Well,” he began (and I’m doing my best not to paraphrase here), “I was hoping you’d be recording the dragon with your camera (which I forgot in the hotel room). While you were so awe-struck, I would ask you to turn around for a moment, then I’d kneel down and,” he trailed off, reached to his side pocket and pulls out a little black velvet box and slowly opened it.

    “Oh my God,” I thought and covered my mouth as I stared at this gorgeous silver ring and its simple sparkling gem in the middle. “This is really happening. He’s actually doing it!”

    Tears slowly built up in my eyes as he continued with his explanation, “I was going to ask you to marry me. I know this isn’t the most romantic location, be it not public or under the perfect circumstances. I missed my chance in Calgary Tower, and I hoped not to miss another one.” he paused and I looked up at him. He stated my full name softly and asked me officially, “Will you marry me?”

    I was crying a little more openly at this point, “Yes!” I breathed and hugged his neck and did my best not to sob.

    The rest is a bit of a blur. We went to a burger and soda place called “SodaJerk” get dinner, that would be when Lockhart admitted that he just proposed to me and I said yes to our waitress; who got excited and wanted to see the ring, which I proudly showed off. When she left to give us time to decide what we wanted, I took the opportunity to borrow Lockhart’s cell phone (because mine was being finicky about provinces apparently) and called my mom as soon as I could. When I concluded my call, we learned our drinks were on the house in celebration and congratulations towards us. Even the Manager came up to shake our hands and exchange a story of his own how he proposed to his own girlfriend. The remainder of the evening was dedicated to role playing and showing off my engagement ring to the couple who owned the hosting game store of the campaign, who also happened to be Lockhart’s godparents (he’ll probably split hairs about it, but they’re his second family, so it counts in my book).

    By the time we got back to our hotel room, we were so tired, we just curled up and watched the last two episodes of the fifth season of Leverage and called it a night.

    #I’m engaged #Wow #I edited the title because I thought it was the 3rd but really it was the 2nd

    #She said yes




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    Congratulations to you both!

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    I quess Shadowrun got it right: Never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon!

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    Congratulations!  🙂

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    Congratulations, guys! What wonderful news! 😀

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    Need to find old, new, borrowed and blue dice now for additional luck.

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    Congratulations, guys! It is such great news!

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    Congratulations to the happy couple!

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    I am more than delighted to see so many congratulatory comments!  So sorry it took me two weeks to find this thread, but I squeed so hard I just had to thank you all!

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    I am more than delighted to see so many congratulatory comments!  So sorry it took me two weeks to find this thread, but I squeed so hard I just had to thank you all!


    Actually, if you check the timestamp, you’ll note that this thread was started on Thursday the 10th, so you’re not really that late. 😉


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    Congrats, roll dinkus!

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    Congratulations, you two! Welcome to your next adventure! 🙂

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    Congratulations to you both

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    Adulations and congratulations!

    insert witticism here

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