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    Pantsless Gamers return with a one off of Deathtrap Dungeon.

    Deathtrap Dungeon One Off

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    Albax11 wrote:
    One week back in 2011 when not enough of the Pantsless Gamers turned up to continue our then current game we decided to play Deathtrap Dungeon instead. Not only Deathtrap Dungeon but Deathtrap Dungeon with pregens.

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    Hal :hal:

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    Glad to finaly get this one out the door. It’s been lurking in the backlog for about a year now give or take.

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    Doo doo doo doo, doo-doo, do-wah!

    It doesn’t matter what comes, the PCs shut up in death, and Deathtrap Dungeon’s full of death

    Nothing gets to you, staying safe in your tomb, with Deathtraps, fresh and full of death

    Death goes better – Deathtrap deadness, death grows bigger with a Deathtrap Dungeon full of death!

    Deathtraps – the corpsemaker! 😈

    Thank you Hal & Pantsies.

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    Balgin wrote:
    Glad to finaly get this one out the door. It’s been lurking in the backlog for about a year now give or take.

    So did you get a chance to play another session of this? My curiosity is piqued now, what happened with the Cleavage-Barbarian and the Door of Invulnerability? Did you ever get it off its hinges? 🙂

    Incidentally, the rest of the group is often unduly harsh towards Scaly… I mean, Jereme, but in this session he seemed to be deliberately sabotaging the game, just a little.

    First he spends most of the game complaining that his pregen character is a craptastic streak of worthlessness without any useful skills, and then he proceeds to willfully ignore the most powerful tool at his disposal (the Wand of Uber-Deadly Lightning) in every combat!

    “Oh, the rest of the party is desperately fighting off Sesame Street Golems? I guess I’d better do something… like, throw a dagger at the monsters! Hng!”

    Even after the GM repeatedly goes: “By the way, have you looked at your inventory yet? Check out the caster level on that wand – oh, and by the way: all the monsters are perfectly lined up, in case you’d want to zappify them,” Jereme still responds:

    “Okay! I’ll pull out my staff.”

    “Um, it’s a wand, not a staff?”

    “No, my quarterstaff – I want to bonk them on the head.”


    If you read this, Jereme: No offense, but what was that all about? Why is it such a big deal if the character hasn’t been min-maxed to the rigorous standards you’d expect from your own, home-baked PCs? It’s a pregen, and as Balgin pointed out several times, right from the start: they were broken and odd, as the result of some eclectic playtesting, but you’ll only be playing it for one or two sessions. Why not have fun with it?

    The sorcerer/-ess had a butt-kicking wand and a ridiculous number of HP, you could have played him/her as some kind of action hero rip-off with a big gun and a dodgy Austrian accent. Surely, that would be more fun than spending three hours moping over his/her cruddy Spellcraft modifier and feat selections, and having Matt plotting your demise with every pit trap tumbled?

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    Pencil-Monkey wrote:
    So did you get a chance to play another session of this?

    Unfortunately not.

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