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    Since this thread is already resurrected (seriously, who paid for the diamonds and the cleric?), I like the way WFRP takes on that in the newest edition, simply by having distance markers between arbitrary markers/minis for PCs and NPCs, which is all you really need from a mechanics viewpoint. That still leaves enough space for improvising on both the players and the DMs parts.

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    Well I wish to get my 2c in.

    I always played the more “tactical” rpgs (mostly D&D) and as such found that maps were required to not get a horrible mess of being in range or not.

    Playing D&D4e only further strengenthed (SP?!) the feeling. Most of it was very due to the fact that tactical combat mattered (very good to introduce new RP’ers btw!).

    But after having played games like CoC and MAOCT we discovered that narration could be much more fun, little to no imaging and leaving it to the players to get the feeling.

    Right now I must say I prefer the “free form RPGs” more than the mapped ones, just because they require less from the GM for preparation and more for the “at the moment creativity”.

    Just my 2c on the matter.

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    I am playing AD&D (original edition) with miniatures and there doesn’t seem to be any lack of narration. It is just easier to keep track of where everybody is in a battle.

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    hi guys im new here..and i find it interested i like combat.. 🙂


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