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    Dragon Kings Kickstarter ProjectFace the wrath of a violent world suffering after the inexplicable disappearance of the benevolent Dragon Kings. Protect the innocent, seek the lost Dragon Kings, and restore some shred of justice to a civilization on the brink of destruction!

    Cold Skins and Krikis grow numerous, bold, and threatening. Desperate cities struggle against marauders stalking ever closer to their tumbling walls. Magic, old and new, dark and light, mystic and not, flows through the hands the powerful, seldom to anyone else’s benefit.

    Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown—co-creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD (and author of Los!). Dragon Kings will be released as a system-neutral world book, with complimentary PDFs to support various rules systems, including Savage Worlds!

    Be sure to check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter project today. Listen to new song clips as they’re released, see new art and maps, and discover the expanding lore of the game world!

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