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    I am off to London to Dragonmeet tomorrow morning (hooray)

    I shall be reporting back on all the shiny freebies and good things that go down as well as trying to get some audio interviews with the great and the good!

    Next WLD will be up when I get back 😛

    Hal 🙄

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    cursed work is preventing me from attending 🙁 im only 25 minutes travel from the venue as well! sods law

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    • Treant

    Dragonmeet was excellent!

    Lots of people, some giving me free things! I will get a proper report written up in a quiet minute at work 😀 If there is such a thing and get it up on here for you all 😀

    Then I will review the free things I was kindly given for you all to enjoy and support the kind freebie-giving people 😛

    Hal 🙄

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    – and some video tasters

    Heroscape Demo

    Cirondo Demo

    Both in RealVideo streaming format, designed for 150+KBPS connections.

    More to follow!


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    I’m wishing I had arranged to come along. Next year perhaps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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