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    File Name: Dragon's Delve Session 25

    File Submitter: Lockhart

    File Submitted: 15 Sep 2013

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed


    The group begin by (finally) leveling up their characters, then return to dungeon delving, trapped on the fourth level. They bargain with a ghostly pirate and then encounter more Nail Men as they explore new rooms.


    Carter as the GM

    Paul as Azurne

    Kurtis as Trig

    Scott as Davor

    Vince as Milo

    Mike as Raven

    Intro music provided by

    Click here to download this file

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    Kurtis: “Oh, and I can discern lies.”
    Carter: “At will?”
    Kurtis: “Yeah.”
    Carter: “Isn’t that pretty decent?”
    Kurtis: “No.”
    Carter: “How does it work?”
    Kurtis: “Pretty much exactly like Detect: Anything Else – I have to sit there and fuckin’ concentrate and look like I’m constipated for like, ten rounds, and then I might know that you’re trying to pull a deception maybe at some point in the future maybe at some future point, maybe. It’s fuckin’ dumb.

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    And that just makes you think: Sarah Palin is naming her kids out of the Pathfinder book!


    BTW, in case anyone missed this one back in 2009:

    If the release of Going Rogue, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s new book out this week, had you hyped for a new, in-depth Dungeons & Dragons supplement for the tabletop RPG’s thief class, you might want to read this review posted on Wizards of the Coast’s forums first.

    According to Ravnor_darkwater, the memoir lacks any character optimization tips or guidelines for new trade equipment/weapons/magic:

    “To my chagrin, it didn’t start out well. I thought, well, at some point, this has to get better. But guess what, it doesn’t! There’s nothing at all about dex rolls, dps builds, searching for traps, sneak attacks, assassins, +4 daggers, or anything!

    All it is [is] some woman whining about how everyone in her party wouldn’t let her make any decisions, about how something called a Couric made her look like a complete idiot (I couldn’t find it in the monster manual, but I’m guessing it must be like a Sphinx), and how her group leader McCain wouldn’t let her be rogue enough.”

    So, scratch that off your list of must-have D&D supplements! If you’re looking for a book to flesh out your thief, you might want to pick up last year’s Martial Power instead.


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    Carter: “Looking at the burks – I mean, books…”
    Mike: “Burks? What are those?”
    Scott: “It’s a cross between a book and a burka.”
    Kurtis: “Is that like when I fold a newspaper into a sailor’s hat and wear it on my head?”
    Mike: “Yes, yes it is.”


    Carter: “You find a secret compartment hidden behind some of the books.”
    Scott: “Wow!”
    Carter: “You DO get a sizable circumstance bonus for searching in exactly the right place.” 🙂
    Scott: “So it’s like: when chicks are searching Mike’s shorts to find his dick, they get a circumstance bonus?”
    Kurtis: “Yeah, if they did a general search, they wouldn’t find anything.”
    Mike: “It’s true, it’s true.”

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    The ettercaps are attacking!

    Carter: “Nobody EVER checks the ceiling!” >:-)
    Mike: “It’s like the Ceiling Cat.”
    Kurtis: “You’d think it’d look away after you shot cum in its eye that one time…”

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