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    • Owlbear

    This action film, based on a character from the British comics anthology 2000AD that has been running for 35 years, is AMAZING! It didn’t get the number of viewer it deserved in the US (whereas in its native UK it was the top film in its opening weekend despite its 18 certificate), but I’m hoping things will be set right with DVD, Bluray & itunes sales.

    Anyway, don’t believe me, check out these reviews!

    Now I don’t work for 2000AD, but I’d LOVE to see Dredd 2 get made. Hence the post to spread the word! 8)

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    • Drider

    I saw it in theater and it was very good and very gory.

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    • Owlbear

    Well it is an 18 certificate film…

    No 1 on the Amazon UK charts, no 3 on iTunes UK. 8)

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    • Orc

    Just got it on DVD and they nailed it 🙂 Really enjoyed the gritty, Mad Max style.

    As Jom says, it’s doing really rather well on DVD in the UK at the moment. Is it out in the States? Having seen in, I’m keen for a sequel (my idea would be Cursed Earth, plot of Destiny’s Angel but with Anderson again instead of Mean Machine, vs the Angel gang. Ahem. Anyway…)

    As for why it failed miserably in cinemas… my suspicion would be the 18/R rating – that it definitely needed, but there’s no question it impacts dramatically on theatres (which is largely why Del Toro had his At the Mountains of Madness funding turned down) coupled with the problem (at least for me down in Devon, but I think across the UK) of finding a non-3D screening. A lot of people don’t feel 3D adds a lot to the experience, and would rather see a film in 2D (cheaper, and not so bloody dark).

    Anyway, good luck, Dredd! Keep selling!

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    I was put off by the previous Judge Dredd film which was ok but nothing spectacular so I have not seen the new one in the cinema or rented it yet.

    That will now change 🙂

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