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    With the impending release of Ivory Edition, we at AEG are working diligently to provide your store with the tools necessary to grow the L5R Community in your area and ensure movement of our products.

    We realize that brick and mortar “friendly local game stores” are critical to the success and growth of our game and therefore want to support them in every way we can. With that in mind, we are pleased to inform you that AEG will be sending directly to our retailers special promotional packs, containing the Alternate Art printings of our L5R Eternity Cards.

    These cards, released several years ago, remain legal for tournament and event play. We know many players are desirous of obtaining these cards to update their collection, or to assist them in getting into playing the game with the new edition.

    The only way to obtain these promotional reprints will be to visit a local brick and mortar retailer. If they purchased an Ivory Edition Launch Kit for their store, they will already have received several of these packs with their Launch Kit. In an effort to promote sales of Ivory Edition product and, as a result, healthy and vibrant playgroups in your local store, we have recommended that they distribute them with a purchase.

    Beginning early March, we will be sending all of our Level 1 and higher Stronghold Stores additional Eternity Packs in order to meet their likely demand for them.

    Should any store require more packages, they can request them from us at and we’ll be happy to send them out. Individual players may not request packs individually – all requests must come through Stronghold Stores.

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