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    Not that anyone remembers but I was having trouble with Firefox users who could not view my web page properly.

    After exausting work I think I’ve discovered all of my errors and am in the process of fixing things. It requires a rather lot of recoding using non-microsoft javascript. It was something I probably should have learned to begin with but I am rather self taught in all of this.

    Hopefully I’ll have it fixed by the end of the weekend when I will have Annotated Notes for WLD #20 and #21!

    For those of you with a coding eye here are the main problems.

    1. The img attribute “alt” is “title” in firefox (properly).

    2. The onmouseover=”style.cursor= value is “pointer” and not “hand”

    And the Biggie

    3. The document.all code is not used at all in firefox (because it is a MS invention) but instead uses document.getElementById. This was the one causing most of the problems.

    If you Firefoxers want to visit my website you will now be able to look at the Galleries and view pictures of my friends and I but that is the only part fully updated at this time.

    I’m sure not too many folks are interested in this but I know Firefox is a great browser and I wanted to get it right for everyone. Also, no fear, it also still works in IE.


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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Hey TomLib,

    I work in IT, and have my office running Firefox exclusively due to security concerns with IE. I do a lot of web development work too and have run into many little issues, paricularly when working with Overall it’s worked great. I have found that the each upgrade Firefox has made over the past few months have eliminated some issues. The browser is great and improving fast.

    Great web site by the way. You’ve got a considerable amount of content out there, and some audio too. I’ll try and give that a listen.


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    Hey ENoa4, thanks for the kind words. There is still a lot of stuff that won’t work with Foxfire but hopefully I will continue to get it straightened out one page at a time. Thank goodness for the Replace command.

    I worked on it for about twenty minutes today and I’m still having some problems. I can’t make my tables display properly in Firefox (or more likely they are displaying the way I coded and I can’t fix it!).

    There is audio for my Of Naught and Men cycle. There are 16 sessions total and it is from beginning to end. Our group is rather large (up to 8 players) and the back story confusing so I know it doesn’t make the best listening sometimes.

    I really need to purchase Hordes of the Underdark so I can play your NWN modules. One of these days!


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    Tom thanks for the great audio serries.

    I have tried your site using Opera 8.01 for linux and

    firefox 1.0.4 for linux.

    I seem to be able to view the site using firefox with no problem but Opera seems to be blank on the right hand side when accessing the home page and gaming page.

    Opera also throws a lot of text and no pictures when checking the galleries.

    I may have a problem with java in Opera. Javascript seems to work ok at least I can access rpgmp3 with Opera.

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    Good work tomlib. That old version always wreaked havoc on my browser(Firefox). Now it works perfectly.

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    Yes, thanks for that Tom. I know it’s quite an effort to maintain cross-standards compliance on websites. The work you’ve put in is much appreciated by us Firefox users.

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    Thank you again for all the kind words.

    I really should have been using good scripting to begin with but I’m not formally trained so I used whatever worked.

    I will look into the OPERA situation and see if I can get things working on that browser as well. Right now I’m trying to get Linux certified for work so I might not get to it right away.


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