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    Hello Samurai of Rokugan,

    It has come to our attention that many players out there are unhappy with the way a particular card, Fires of Turmoil, interacts within the rules set, specifically that one could use it to bow their opponent’s Stronghold at an early stage of the game when gold production is crucial, and a bowed Stronghold can be devastating. Some players insisted it was a power issue, so our Design Team has gathered information on the subject and after testing, we feel it could potentially create both a power and fun issue, neither of which is good for the game.

    Now we would normally avoid erratum this close to Gen Con, however in this particular case, this is a combo that few players, if any, want to actually exist, and the playerbase would be happier, on the whole, if this didn’t exist. It also does not affect the playability of any particular clan or deck.

    So effective immediately, Fires of Turmoil is receiving technical erratum to read as follows

    Battle: Discard the top card of a Fate deck. Target a card without attachments in a unit. If the discarded card’s Focus Value is odd, bow the target (0 is even). Otherwise, straighten it. Move its unit home if the target has a Madness token.

    As it is technical erratum, it should not affect the way the card is played in standard scenarios, and only serves to close an abusive loophole. Thank you.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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