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    File Name: Flight 13 Session 03

    File Submitter: BigJackBrass

    File Submitted: 26 May 2015

    File Category: GURPS

    Genre: Horror

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    GURPS: Flight 13 03 – Terminal Endeavours


    Separated by many miles, yet brought together through remarkable advances in SCIENCE, the Whartson Hall Aethernauts embark on a journey of nightmarish horror!

    The situation on the ground is increasingly seeming more perilous than that in the air. With the captain seriously ill and the only staff at the airport seemingly unhinged, our panicking passengers venture further into the terminal to find assistance. What they find is far from helpful, but aid arrives from an unexpected direction.

    The Game: GURPS by Steve Jackson and friends. The adventure is Flight 13 written by W.G. Armintrout.

    Flight 13 intro is by Nick Marsh, featuring the track Twilight Deep Zone by forever_young, used under licence.

    The Whartson Hall Aethernauts play through the Google+ Hangouts facility rather than face-to-face in a room. Any reduction in sound quality is due to the haunting cries of the damned.

    The Players:

    Nick: Author, Dreamweaver, Visionary. Plus, Actor

    Martin: Ron Burleigh

    Amelia: Dr Melissa Courtenay

    Jon: Brian Hillman

    Tim: Darrel Fisher

    Click here to download this file

    Hafwit 2.0
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    🙂 Thanks. I really enjoy this game. 

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    Pigeons From Hell is a heck of a story. Ron Burleigh’s driving is similarly harrowing.

    And poor Carstairs’ sanity is at the brink. And the PCs have helped push.

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    Yup, poor Carstairs didn’t realise quite how close he came to being sacrificed.


    I love the disappointment that occurs when they exit the police car.

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