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    File Name: Flight 13 Session 04

    File Submitter: BigJackBrass

    File Submitted: 02 Jun 2015

    File Category: GURPS

    Genre: Horror

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    GURPS: Flight 13 04 – Won’t someone think of the children?


    Separated by many miles, yet brought together through remarkable advances in SCIENCE, the Whartson Hall Aethernauts embark on a journey of nightmarish horror!

    A plea for help from people trapped in a nearby shopping mall is picked up on the police radio, leading to a dilemma for a group already struggling to come to terms with the threats facing them. Should they abandon their sick captain to aid others? or can they manage to rescue everyone and get out of Austin before the more fragile souls crack completely? If things weren’t complicated enough, a warning from earlier in the day suddenly manifests in a solid and deadly form…

    The Game: GURPS by Steve Jackson and friends. The adventure is Flight 13 written by W.G. Armintrout.

    Flight 13 intro is by Nick Marsh, featuring the track Twilight Deep Zone by forever_young, used under licence.

    The Whartson Hall Aethernauts play through the Google+ Hangouts facility rather than face-to-face in a room. Any reduction in sound quality is due to Google employees rustling their paycheques at us.

    The Players:

    Nick: Unstoppable Horror Fountain

    Amelia: Dr Melissa Courtenay

    Jon: Brian Hillman

    Tim: Darrel Fisher

    Click here to download this file

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    Extreme horror. Especially that the 90’s were years and years ago. So sad that the plague is set to consume Brian. Here’s hoping he doesn’t receive Sweary Carl therapy.

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    Brian’s fine! Absolutely fine! He’s never felt better!

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    So now you lot have been responsible for my shouting “Sulaco!” where my co-workers could hear it.
    Fortunately I work from home, generally in the garden, so my “co-workers” are mostly red kites who don’t mind.
    I realise rules aren’t a big priority, but you might find my GURPS 101 blog posts helpful. (Requests welcome.)

    Line of the session: “Well, as a new father… you say that now…”

    Back in the day we would sometimes call for a Spot Obvious roll.

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    GURPS tips appreciated, Roger – inspired by your fine podcast (and my increasing laziness) I’m pretty much going to make it my go-to system when I GM. It has depth if you want it but it’s fairly easy just to enjoy rules-lite. Obviously our group leans heavily toward the crunchy end of the spectrum. We run a tight ship.

    Dr Ink’n’Stain
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    +1 for the Sulaco -shout. Eerie, I was in the garden as well, mowing the lawn.


    Heh, I’ve come to the conclusion that regardless of system or genre, Whartson Hall (and I can’t believe THAT had to be spelled out before I got it…) sessions end up resembling Fiasco more than anything else. Which is one of the reasons I find them so entertaining. 


    As for nursery rhymes, was “Mary had a little lamb” ever scary? Maybe I’m missing a reference here, which would not be surprising. I think the top spot for me goes to “Ring a ring o’roses”, thanks to Sapphire and Steel.

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    We played the fifth session last night and it was great… except for the recording. It’s not yet a “lost episode” but the audio is weirdly uneven and distorted on the side with all of the players other than me. Bit baffled, as the recording is taken from the feed I hear in my headphones.

    Anyway, I fear a delay in posting this episode will be inevitable and I’m going to have to play around to see if I can salvage what we have.

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    Glad to hear that the session was great. Hope that the audio doesn’t cause you too many problems

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