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    Well, I personally also have a roleplaying forum. Which is still named IBforums because we never changed it and we are stubbern about that stuff. At If you want to you can pop in and give it a try. Just post in newby chat so I can make you a possible member, then you just have to make a good long post in prooving grounds, and if Thaddius deems it good, then the council will vote. I’m really not all that hard in my judgement, so it should be fairly easy if you know anything about roleplaying.

    Oh yes, and note, you can’t post anywhere but newby chat until I make you a possible member. We stop alot of spam and flaming this way, sorry for the inconveince.

    🙂 The more that come the better, we are always looking for more members.

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    Just a heads up – you may want to endit your link above – the full stop is part of the link and therefore breaks it.

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    Not my problem anymore.

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    This sound like a fun roleplay! Can I join?

    Name: Zacharias Belegerma Erkle

    Age: 200 years old


    Wepin: World class computing system named Gallilao, and a sword.

    Looks: Not VERY chubby, but just a teensy bit, has short black hair, tall, and can do some major kung-fu moves!

    biography: His mom gave birth to him on the streets and he kicked her booty and ran away when he was 0 years old, thats how everyone found out he was amasingly wonderfull.

    I can add more to my character if you want, but I think it’s pretty dang good. Do you not?

    Playing in the character: Zacharias finished taping his glasses and slipped them over his head, some of his hair fell out. “Oops, better tape that, too!” He chuckled, and continued down the street of BookenBerry. He stopped to use the privy in a bush, and wiped his butt with a leaf. “Ha, better tape that, too!” He gave another laugh and pulled up his pants, zipping up the rusty zipper. “Ha, dont make me say it again!” He giggled, and started whistling when he went down the street.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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