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    Hey kids! It’s time for a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

    Some of the more senior site members may remember having seen a picture, back in the mists of time, that looked a lot like this:

    People seemed surprisingly accepting of the concept of this Full Frontal Haggemoth:

    Hmmmm 🙂

    Thats rather funny, though I appear to be a rather fat man with a hairy back and ennormous upper arms 😛

    Thanksfully I am not all that hirsute (contrary to what you might think looking at my arms) 🙂

    *looks at Hal, then back at himself* So THAT’s where my hair went!

    And FYI, I ditched gym every chance I got, thank ya very much 😛

    Since then, the picture has lived an entirely unremarkable life, stockpiled in the archives of my DeviantArt page, and more recently, the site gallery.

    And then this happened:


    Suddenly, several of @[member=TheGlen]’s old gaming buddies have started dropping by on DA to leave nice comments with anecdotes about their traumatized past with Glen playing RPGs with Glen:

    It’s Glen’s fault that I’m here.

    I also blame Glen. But then, I think I know at least half of the rest of those people… Ah, the good old days when we had characters who dined on fish meal flat bread with reconstituted dried fish that had been soaked in lemonade, thanks to someone’s Endless Decanter of Lemonade. And we drank fermented lemon-meade-like stuff and we liked it! (And never forget the Wall of Heroes with the mule’s head on it.) That was a great game…

    So if there’s any site members with DA accounts who happens to read this, drop by and leave a comment, telling them how much fun it is to hang out at RPGMP3 dot com. Perhaps, with a sufficient amount of propaganda, one or two of them might be tempted to join – and who knows? Maybe they can even be persuaded to start gaming again, and if Glen has time for it, Hal might even wind up with enough players living in his local Texan neighborhood to reboot the Long Tall Texans*, and finally get a Rolemaster campaign up and running again. 😉

    *Suggested titles for the rebooted gaming group:

    • Ultimate Long Tall Texans
    • Young Tall Texans
    • Tall Texans Two-Point-Oh
    • Long Tall Texans Reborn
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    As someone who thrilled at the exploits and foul language of Raguar Hellstrun (terrible spelling mandatory), I fully endorse this! 😀

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    Did not know any of that!

    Thanks for the links – they will be duly checked out and saved into bookmarks or otherwise in places that I may always be able to track down old friends.

    While some of my former RPGplaymates may not thank you, I certainly do!

    Huzzah! 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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