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    Puzzle are somewhat of a staple of D&D/Pathfinder games but as a GM I sometime hate them yet as a player, they make me feel clever. So how about starting a topic on awesome Puzzle you made for your game that you wish to share with other stranded GMs out there.


    Here is my first:



    Toillet paper runekey:

    The player find a complex key and a symbol near the keyhole. The key rearranges its configuration based on rotating cylinders. The player need to figure out that by combining pieces of the runes on each cylinder, they can compose the final rune. (imagine drawing each piece on top of one another to make the final drawing.) Now, if the player don’t manage to figure it out, here are some tips you can give them:


    -The key emits a magical vibration when brought near the keyhole (puns intended)

    -If one of them cast detect magic, he can feel three types of auras from the rune on the wall and four on the cylinder. Let them try to identify the schools on the wall and compare them to the scroll. (see picture for detail) they can now toss out some of the combinations because the auras wouldn’t match.

    -If they are really not getting it or if they try a bunch of things: Using the spell knock sets a rune in place. A spellcraft check reveals witch school of magic is going to be present twice.


    Let me know what you think.

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    Thats really cool 🙂


    I love puzzles in games that the players have a chance to solve. One of the best I have seen in a published adventure was the Kolat scroll in The Hare Clan adventure in the GM pack. It turned out it was a competition as well with prizes for the first folks to finish it 🙂


    It was a pretty decent cipher and one that they did not provide the solution to in the pack (due to the competition) meaning that I had to solve it before presenting it to the players 🙂


    Here it is 🙂





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    I wish I could use pre-published cypher and anagrams and stuff. Sadly I live in Quebec, the only French speaking province of Canada. So I pretty much had to write my own adventures since I was 12. I kinda want to solve it for myself tough thanks 🙂

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    That rune key is excellent 🙂   I find physical things like hand-outs and props add more engagement to the game.


    I enjoy riddles (and Riddles too obviously!).  They are fun to make up yourself and there is plenty of material both in books and on the net.  One site I have used a number of times is The Thieves Guild which has compiled a list for budding DMs to frustrate and entertain PCs.  

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    For the Haunted Tower of Tor Naether in the Paths of Gaeda game, I had a puzzle which needed to be solved to break a spell.  The party had to gather weapons, psuedo-dragon parts, prayer medallions, and house insignia, then combine them correctly and infuse each group with the proper magic. It was very complicated and took two sessions to complete:


    Main: “This house shall never fall, nor any live to despoil it’s dark splendor, while Rhadec Malygris sits in judgment of the fallen of Ge’an. Let only a true child of Ge’an restore what was sundered, if he have the will to try. “

    “Five great houses did a dance of intrigue. Each House was blessed by an aspect of Ge’an, each did take of the essence of the Dragon, each did work Mighty Magics according to their mastery, and each did raise up its favored weapon. Who remembers now what part each played? Who knows the place and the order of each? Beware that house which took up the dagger, to the betrayal of all.”

    • The House of Alric is blessed by Thunder.
    • The House of Embric favors the Mace.
    • The Mages of Indradath are the masters of Transmutation.
    • The House blessed by Mist stands ever at the left hand of the House blessed by Wind.
    • The Mages of the House blessed by Mist are the Masters of Enchantment.
    • The House which takes the Scale of the Dragon favors the Spear.
    • The House blessed by Rain takes the Blood of the Dragon.
    • The Mages of the House which stands third in the cycle are the masters of Abjuration.
    • The House of Naether stands first in the cycle.
    • The House which takes the Wing of the Dragon stands close by the House which favors Poison as a weapon.
    • The House which Favors the Sword stands close by the House which takes the Blood of the Dragon.
    • The Mages of the House which takes the Horn of the Dragon are the Masters of Evocation.
    • The House of Shadow takes the Sting of the Dragon.
    • The House of Naether stands close by the House blessed by Lightning.
    • The House which takes the Wing of the Dragon stands close by the House whose Mages are the Masters of Conjuration.
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    Great puzzle! 🙂 Although anyone who wants to use it might appreciate if you posted the correct solution, possibly in a ‘spoiler’ tag, or point out which episode of the recordings they can find the riddle and its answer (assuming that session has been released, by now).


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