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    L5R Players,

    Gates of Chaos, the upcoming L5R CCG expansion is set to release in Stronghold Stores on Aug 23.

    To celebrate this release, we are offering Stronghold Stores the opportunity to run a Release Event from August 23 to September 15 in the Draft format, with its own storyline effect:

    Know Your Enemy

    As the seething conflicts of the Colonies comes to a final head, not all threats that present themselves are born of the mad dragon P’an Ku, nor of the Fudo cult that has spread its blasphemies and heresies throughout the land. Other threats, perhaps even greater ones, still haunt the distant borders of the world, biding their time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Not all who serve the Empress are unaware of such things, however, and not all are willing to permit them to grow in the shadows.

    The clan that claims the most victories in this event will be the clan responsible for bringing vital information to the attention of the Lion Clan, the single clan devoting the most resources to discovering the nature and agenda of the Yodotai threat in the deserts north of the Colonies. These two clans shall work together to seek resolution in this matter, whether through steel or diplomacy.

    Inaris Festival

    Packages have been sent to Stronghold Stores of level 1+ which contain copies of the Draft Stronghold (The Governor’s Estate) and a special participation card for all attendees: Inari’s Festival.

    This event is part of our Organized Play program. If your local Stronghold Store has not signed up for our OP program yet, they can do so by visiting

    We hope you will enjoy this release event.

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