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    File Name: Happy Rocks Shattered Star Session 09

    File Submitter: Balgin

    File Submitted: 13 Mar 2014

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    As the session begins our heroes find themselves contending with a hostage situation and Malvolio makes a friend. A very special friend, in fact.

    Joining us this session are:

    Balgin – the GM

    Evan – Lokni Fireblood – mono linguistic Shoanti thunder caller bard

    Oren – Muata Fireblood – multi linguistic Shoanti elder brother of Lokni with an anger management problem

    Paul – Malvolio – Chelaxian tiefling jumped up lackey inspired by Malvolio from Twelfth Night

    Tarstarkes – Sorin Shadowcloud – elven archer

    Issac – Czarro Sharesh – Varisian Inquisitor who seeks signs and omens

    Click here to download this file

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    Malvolio makes a friend…the devil worshiper….I can only hope he meets Stink, but that sounds kinda early.

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