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    Hello Everyone,

         I finally have some time to check out the site again and it’s good to see that it still going on very strong. I am Ned from the old texas group. I miss having Hal and the rest of the group to roleplay with as you were such a wonderful bunch and we always had such a good time. I have been going over a lot of the old rpg recordings the group did and it always brings a smile to my face to hear you all again. I would like to thank Lindsay and Hal for inspiring me to go out and DM my own games and keep on playing.


    love you all Ned

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    If I can’t speak for the community, I can certainly speak for myself: there’s a whole lot of love for you here.  You and the rest of the guys (and Lindsay) made several labor-intensive work-hours pass much more pleasantly and your charm certainly contributed to the fun. 

    I hope this finds you well,



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    Hey Ned,


    Glad you stopped by there 🙂 Hows it all going? We miss playing with you too… 🙂


    Glad to hear you are running games and still playing – perhaps you could start recording some stuff 😛


    Hal :hal:

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    Hello Ned! I don’t know if I ever told you this but you were always one of my favourite Texans because you remind me very much of one of my own players and also one of my best friends. Just good natured, careful thinking, guys. Cheers!

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    Hi Ned!

    Great to hear from you. Glad you’re still gaming! 🙂

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    Ned: “Did somebody say ‘naked women’? The horns on my helmet start wagging, *DOODOO-DOODOO-DOODOO*

    David: “They’re only half-naked.”

    Ned: “Ah. So it’s only one horn, then.”


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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