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    I would like to get a memorial tattoo in honor of Lockhart. I thought about it for a while now and considered the YGG logo he used for his podcasts. However, I have no idea who designed it and I thought to ask the broad forum. Sure I could go ahead and get it, but it wouldn’t feel right without asking the original creator of the logo.
    I don’t even know if Carter was the one who designed it himself.

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    Thing is going to look to see who else was uploading for Yorkton so we can reach out and find out about the logo.


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    Oh! Sweet.

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    yeah,I have no clue. I recall Lockhart talking about getting some things on fiver at some point, but no clue if this was one of them or not.

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    Can’t say for certain this is it, but it looks pretty good.

    The Yorkton Gamer Guild site “extends its thanks to Ozmodiar for creating our logo and graphics”, with a link to the artist’s site and email address.

    Hope that helps!

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