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    File Name: Inspectres: Team America Ghost Police Session 02

    File Submitter: Lockhart

    File Submitted: 30 Apr 2012

    File Category: One Offs and Shorts

    Genre: Indie

    Profanity Level: Unmitigated Filth of the First Water

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Offensive Words

    The team have a meeting with ghostly Aunt B, get a new intern that has a habit of not dying, and deal with some haunted works of art.


    Carter as the GM

    Glen as Jim Mitchell

    Kurtis as Jim

    Mike as MacGyver

    Intro music provided by

    Click here to download this file

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    Kurtis: “You got a +3 Backpack, though it’s cursed. Speaking of which, I’m gonna go shopping, get a frogurt.”

    Carter: “Frogurt?!” 😮

    Kurtis:The frogurt is also cursed.”

    Glen: “I got a backpack from a weird guy in a turban.”

    Kurtis: “What have we told you about talking to Bob down the street? Don’t talk to Bob!”

    Carter: “There’s too many Bobs in this campaign!”

    Kurtis: “They’re all bad! Don’t talk to Bobs.”

    Mike: “Jim, we don’t take merchandize from the Turbanator.”

    Kurtis: “Should’ve somehow worked ‘raghead’ in there, so we could offend more people – ‘turban’ sounds respectful in comparison.”

    Kurtis: “Have you ever seen Total Recall? The Turbanator, to me, is Arnold Schwarzenegger with a towel on his head.”


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