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    File Name: Jade Regent Session 26

    File Submitter: Lockhart

    File Submitted: 15 Sep 2013

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    Only an Oni Left

    After repeated raids on the headquarters of the Frozen Shadows, the Amatatsu scions will finally face Kimandatsu, the Oni leader of the organization. Will they have the skill to take her down, or be destroyed by her instead?


    Carter as the GM

    Aimee as Storm Blackfire, Half-Elf Barbarian

    Brian as Harold Shinken, Half-Elf Cleric

    Brad as Ash Lonechild, Human Summoner, with Misty the Eidolon

    Intro music provided by

    Click here to download this file

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    • Mind Flayer

    Yesss! The first appearance of the Bazooka of Blood Geas! That magic item is marked for hilarious embarrassments for PCs and NPCs alike great deeds, you betcha! 🙂

    (In case you’re looking for an appropriate mini, some generous geek shared a LEGO-hack that lets you make tetsubo-wielding LEGO minifigs.)


    Also, the adjective ‘gnarly’ is definitely the best choice for a descriptive situational modifier for a person benefitting from a Bark Skin spell – especially if it’s cast by a hippie Druid.

    “Lessee here, +2 Dex bonus, +4 armor bonus, +1 shield bonus, +1 Deflection… +2 Gnarly bonus?!”

    Did this part of the scenario have a random encounter table with 1d20 different kinds of ninjas? 😉 Or are all the encounters planned out in advance?

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