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    File Name: Labour of Love Session 01

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 26 Feb 2012

    File Category: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The first adventure in Texas with a new group starting a homebrew adventure

    Buy the Labour of Love PDF

    Click here to download this file

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    A new beginning looms…

    …A new adventure dawns. This one is a homebrew affair written initially by myself and then onto something written by Wolfsnap called Tomb of Haggemoth! 😛

    My new group is keen and strong and I wanted to introduce them all to you before I released the first audio session. There are also some character creation audios to go with each and I will get the character sheets up ASAP! We are playing the game at Enigmas Collectibles and Games in Houston.

    The game is being recorded every alternate Thursday and my intention is to let the Patrons have it the Friday after it is recorded and then release it to the main site the following Friday all spruced up like! I am also trying to get some more stuff recorded in the interim to keep you entertained 😀

    So thats the plan! Bet you are interested to see the new players and hear what they are going to be playing?

    LoL and Toh (and who knows what else?) Players

    Chris – (Rum_151)
    Playing – Bardok Ironhead – Dwarven Cleric of Moradin

    mp3-logo.gifBardok Ironhead Intro MP3

    David – (combatmonkey11)
    Playing – Milo Thorngage – Halfling Rogue

    mp3-logo.gifMilo Thorngage Intro MP3

    Andy – (Dru)
    Playing – Dru Caledad – Gold Elf Wizard

    mp3-logo.gifDru Caledad Intro MP3

    Glen – (TheGlen)
    Playing – Rjagüjar Hjellstjürm – Dwarven Bard

    mp3-logo.gifRjagüjar Hjallstjürm Intro MP3

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    Goggles/John – (Murine_Archmage)
    Playing – Murival Nodello – Elf Wizard

    mp3-logo.gifMurival Nodello Intro MP3

    Ned – (Akira1121)
    Playing – Grogan Surefoot – Dwarven Fighter

    mp3-logo.gifGrogan Surefoot Intro MP3

    Zach – (rx7-turbo-nut)
    Playing – Royce Gracie – Human Fighter

    mp3-logo.gifRoyce Gracie Intro MP3

    Lindsay – (Lindsay)
    Playing – Wilamina Treebark – Halfling Druid with Woofie the Riding Dog

    mp3-logo.gifWilamina Treebark Intro MP3

    Hal – (Hal)
    Playing – Much Beleaguered DM

    Any questions? Feel free to ask 🙂

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    The time has come – the wait is over – the file is ready for you to download and enjoy.

    Be aware this time that the recording was done using a binaural head called Vecna…

    Head of Vecna Ready To Record

    …This means that you will get an excellent surround sound effect if you wear stero headphones or have a surround sound speaker system. You should get the idea that you have your head stuck up through the middle of the table and are sitting in a caserole dish with a cap on 😛

    This first session is really a “get to know the players and their characters” session in the small town of Crowshaven. The adventure is homebrew and if I get a chance to get it all written down I will get it up here for you all. I have Crowshaven written out so I guess I could release it piecemeal 😀

    Anyway, I have an exam today so character sheets and podcast feed to follow. I am going to be turning the old World’s Largest Dungeon feed into the RPGMP3 Epics feed and adding this too it so if you want to go ahead and subscribe to…ata/wld/rss.xml or if you already have iTunes you can CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE AUTOMATICALLY.

    Please note the new style of introduction to the audio – one we are rather proud of 😉

    Without further ado – the direct download of Labour of Love session 01

    Let us know what y’all (see the Texan there ? 😉 ) think 😀

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    Hal is clearly a model on the side….look at that DM Pic!

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