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    dyreno wrote:
    I just don’t want to be in county lock-up in costume.

    I bet you would be a big hit. :punish:

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    That’s a level of role playing that I don’t think I could . . . devote myself to. I’m not sure what Big Bubba at county is “into” but it sure wont be me.

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    dyreno wrote:
    That’s a level of role playing that I don’t think I could . . . devote myself to. I’m not sure what Big Bubba at county is “into” but it sure wont be me.

    I’m fairly sure you don’t get a vote… 🙂

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    I’ll let that 3rd degree black belt of mine do all the voting for me. If that fails, I will turn to the GM and attempt to disbelieve. Next i will push the GM forward and comment on how pretty his mouth is. In the end, he rolls the random encounter so he can deal with the consciences.

    But seriously, LARP is fun to do every once in a while. A friend of mine asked if the group i gamed with ever did LARP. I told him we get into heated arguments over which way a door with pull rings opens, adding weapons (even cardboard ones) would not be the smartest idea.

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    The Bedlam’s opinion: Larpers are one step away from furries. One day you are poncing around in lace saying you are a vampire, the next you are yuffing in a pile of freaks in costumes.

    No thanks. This gamer is fine sitting around a table and using my imagination.


    Tombedlam’s opinion does not reflect the opinions of the nice folk of nor it’s affiliates. But really furries come on.

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    Personally I quite like LARPs. Yes they can be bloody awful, and as stupid as people assume they will be. However, Some of the best roleplaying situations I’ve ever been in have been in LARPs.

    Note: I’ve never played a boffer LARP. Strictly non-contact political stuff thanks.

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    I played a boffer LARP for quite some time, best roleplaying experience ever. Note, I never wore lace for any role, mostly I was wearing itchy woolens at that. None of the others would ever allow me in one of the loin-cloth wearing roles, probably for the benefit of mankind.

    I still remember my first night playing vividly. I slept curled up in my cloak under a bush because some undead had come in and rolled the town. Others got killed in their beds that night, but I slept safe from undead, though not from ants, mosquitos and crawling things.

    I play RPGs of any kind to escape reality, so immersion is important. Nothing ever beat LARPing for a chance to escape reality.

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    In addition to annual one-off LARP events I’ve spent about six(+) years playing Vampire of various stripes.

    In my experience there’s some basic issues with LARPing and critical mass. The game needs enough people to create enough potential points of interaction to stop people from becoming bored. The more people the game gets the higher the chance of getting goobers who regularly do idiotic things and bring the hobby into disrepute. However, the more people that are regularly going to a game, and are actively involved, the more other people are likely to participate through a sort of peer gravity effect.

    The LARP I played in the longest had a good number of people in it because lots of people in the social circle were involved. When all anybody ever talked about after the game was Vampire, the people around us were kind of compelled to join. It’s a bit sad really.

    If the game is good, and people are interested, the presence of goobers can be ignored. Hell, most of the time goobers make the social reject characters that get ignored in game, or get used as hired muscle.

    The problem is that the people that run games tend to suffer burnout. When the GMs tire, players get bored and the player base starts deserting. It’s a hard task running a LARP. GMs dedicate a lot of time and effort, and get hounded by heaps of (increasingly irritating) players. It’s certainly not something I’d want to volunteer for.

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