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    How would you go about multi-classing in 5E? Haven’t read the books, but based on second-evidence from assorted AP podcasts, it seems as though there aren’t official standard rules for it. For example, The Adventure Zone recently had one of their players multi-class as a Fighter/Rogue, or “Rough Boy”, as they’ve deciced to name it.*

    So, if you were the DM of a 5E campaign where one (or more) of the players wanted to play a multi-class character, how would you handle that situation? Alternatively, if your favorite non-D&D tabletop RPG uses a class-based system, but lacks multi-class rules, what house rules would you use to fix that? Finally, the most important question: what cool name do you use for multi-class classes, other than the [Noun]/[Noun]/[Noun] template?


    *This is not, strictly speaking, entirely true. The correct spelling of the official name for the TAZcast Fighter/Rogue multi-class build is, of course, “Ruf Boi“.

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