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    I’m still catching up with you guys, just reached session 13 but I have to say that:

    Lindsay rules!

    she’s the cutest and funniest halfling ever. Keep up the good play 🙂

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    I agree! Hooray for Lindsay for she is the coolest 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    Aye. Lindsay knows halflings, and how they should be played.

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    Aka, in a way that kills as many party memebers as possible. So far, only One party memeber/NPC has been killed by a monster. All the others are Feylin’s and Balazaar’s fault, both of whom have survived since the beginning of the dungeon. Coincidence? Probably.

    Anyway, here is the trophy for Best Halfling ever.









    __lll__Very Funny__lll



    __lll_Er . . . Rogue lll



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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