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    Hello all,


    As I went to introduce myself, it occured to me that I actually haven’t listened to anything on the site that doesn’t contain Lockhart in some fashion or another.


    The Yorkton Gamer’s Jade Regent drew me in and has served as a great inspiration to my own running that campaign (but – alas – now we have passed their current point, so no more stealing scenes and gaining the credit from my wife for being ‘creative’!). It was followed up by the full current run of Shattered Star, then everything else the YGG has put out.


    (OK, I’ve also heard the full run of Strand Gamer’s Kingmaker campaign. But that totally undermines my point and therefore Lockhart’s percieved dreaminess).


    However, I will doubtlessly be trying everything here sooner or later. The site has provided weeks of entertainment (quite literally, given I must have listened to 400+ hours of audio at this point) over the course of months now.


    Thanks to all those who make the effort to get these files together and up!


    The Listeners are Out There. From across the globe, we hear you…

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    Oh wow! I, umm do not know how to respond. Thank you very much for the high compliments . And most importantly, a big welcome to the website. There certainly is a lot of audio here to enjoy, including such epics as the Warlards of the Accordlands, one of my own Favourite series (Nimbics, what a fun race).

    Though, if you are interested in hearing more YGG, and you’d like to support the site a bit, might I reccomend becoming a patron? It’s five dollars a month and gives access to the secret patron forums and the patron only downloads. I’ve been releasing monthly patron only audio from the YGG vaults (though I am a few months behind, need to catch up), which has currently consisted of the Tomb of Haggemoth campaign, the first campaign I ran with the ‘main’ YGG a group of me, Brad, Brian, and Aimee. And when that is fully released, I have a few other goodies in the vault waiting for patrons.

    But welcome to the site, happy to have you here, don’t be a stranger, and feel free to comment on any of the YGG a podcast threads if you recall any particular scenes that tickled your fancy, or that you took inspiration from for your own table and how that worked out for you.

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    Yea, I am not the newest person any more.   Oh and hello.  =)

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    I decree that there should be a Lockhart Fanclub.  

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    That syrupy sweet accent …



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    Welcome aboard! And yeah, the YGGernauts are super great, we can only hope they’ll play more games and record them for us. 😉

    That syrupy sweet accent …

    Time to dig out that sound bite from Shattered Star episode 25:

    Lockhart: Sorshen rises from the throne and claps her hands twice, addressing you in a seductive, penetrating voice, saying t-
    Hal: She might look pretty, but she sounds like a Canadian guy. 😛
    Lockhart: Clearly, that is the example voice of seductive and penetrating! 😀
    Thing: At least penetrating. 😉

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    Welcome welcome 🙂


    There should be more Lockhart as Player coming shortly when I get some more Lost Mine of Phandelver released 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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    Or, as Lockhart suggested, you could check out the Patrons’ area – there’s a bunch of super-secret Yorkton Gamer recordings where they play their way through the entire Tomb of Haggemoth, and beyond. 🙂 Plus, there’s a fantastic InSpectres one-shot where Lockhart, Aimee, Brad and Brian are players in a game run by Kurtis (of Dragon’s Delve and InSpectres fame). 😀

    Inspectres One-Shot: Little Italy’s Meatiest Balls

    Did the world end? Carter isn’t running a game!?

    An Inspectres game from a few years back when it was still being introduced to the YGG. Mad science, the Mafia, odd flashes of light in the women’s bathroom. All this and more.


    Kurtis as the GM

    Carter as Doctor Heinrich Von Vergermeister

    Aimee as Mimi Mills

    Brian as Ramirez

    Brad as Bob, the guy over there


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