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    In a fit of nostalgia, I came here to look for an old piece of msuic that was hosted here about a dozen years ago.


    All I remember is that it was called something similar to “Moon Factory”, and it was listed along with “Church of Selene” and “Critical Hit on my Heart”.


    If anyone can tell me where I can find this, I would be greatly appreciated!



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    Tried poking around for a bit, without finding the FILK you were looking for. Presumably, it may have been uploaded in the old downloads section, but never actually discussed on the forums, so there may not be any threads mentioning it. @[member=”Hal”] or @[member=”Thing”] might be able to dig it out of the secret hidden archives.

    Critical Hit on my Heart can be found in the new FILK section, though.

    Also, there was a neat old thread on the YSDC forums, that turned up when I went looking for the Church of Selene:

    In regard to Arkham Horror, I’ve been speaking recently with Richard Launius, and he has kindly sent me one of only three copies of a CoC game he developed back in the 80s to play test and to see if he should make it publicly available again (either through a publisher or here). Some of the details follow, I think it was likely designed after the release of Arkham Horror due to some of the components in the box also being found in AH.


    Components consist of:

    80 Cards

    3 six-sided Dice

    World Map

    Investigative Group Sheets


    4 Player Tokens

    Cult Location Tokens

    It’s only just arrived on my doorstep this weekend. I’m currently arranging play test sessions with my local group. May be worth bringing down to Continuum 2004 in the Summer.

    What do you think?


    Well, we’ve had a (short) play test and it seems a lot of fun. We also made an audio recording of the first hour or so. I’m waiting to see if Richard will allow us to make the recording available, as that may help explain things more. After that some more play tests and a better write up!

    It makes me wonder how many other such items are in the world, and what the chances of ever seeing The Trail of the Brotherhood would have been except for the current series of events?


    There was a small playtest at my house on Sunday evening (4th April [2004]).


    Our dining room, Hal ‘The Evil Cult Leader’ in the photo.

    How come I always seem to be where you camera is pointing?

    Need to get the audio up on and see if we can drum up some more interest in the game.

    I think overall it worked well and with the odd tweak and a little clarification on some of the rules it could be quite excellent. It would be interesting to see how the whole game would play out as I think I was winning as the Evil Cultist Leader, in that one, having killed one player and driven another into the shower 😀

    It is cool! Look forward to some more playtesting in the future.


    I have finally got off my ass and added the Trail of the Brotherhood audio to as well.

    Also added some very nice ambient tracks from Church of Selene. 😆

    I think Trail of the Brotherhood will be an excellent game if it gets published by the way 😀


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    Cool! I’ve been looking for some info on Church of Selene for a while but their website doesnt work anymore that I’ve seen.


    As for Moon Factory, was a creepy ambient piece that was hollow, with grinding and an ethereal, space-y tone to it. Maybe I should post about it in another forum. Someone might remember it.

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    Let me have a dig about in the site back end and see what I can find… I know the Church of Selene stuff should still be back in there somewhere – not sure about the Moon Factory stuff – the name doesn’t ring a bell…


    Hal :hal:

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    Cool! I’ve been looking for some info on Church of Selene for a while but their website doesnt work anymore that I’ve seen.

    Church of Selene’s Facebook page seems to have been updated in May, this year, so they might not have completely disappeared.

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